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Here is one uninterrupted hour of Deva Premal music:

Featured in top media including The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times,
and The Huffington Post, endorsed by celebrities as varied as Cher, Tony Robbins, and the Dalai Lama, included in movie soundtracks such as Walkout, Mantra, and 8 Seconds,and honored by 1.5 million album sales, 550,000 monthly Spotify listeners and 400,000 Facebook followers, chart-topping musicians Deva Premal & Miten are modern nomads on a mission to share with humanity the medicine of mantra. With original chants that are used for meditation, yoga, stress management, massage, and sleep playlists worldwide, Deva Premal & Miten not only model spiritually-conscious living but also share powerful tools for wellness, mindfulness, and personal growth.
DEVA, the new release from Deva Premal, is a calling – beyond the chattering mind, the heaviness of the heart and the numerous distractions of life, into a place of refuge and conscious relaxation. The album opens and closes with a spell-binding long form version of Deva’s beloved Gayatri Mantra – the Seven Chakra Gayatri  – a deeply relaxing mantra sound-bath for body, mind & spirit. On the journey in-between, Deva’s golden voice carries the listener through a light-filled sequence of chants including Prabujee, composed by Ravi Shankar and featuring his daughter Anoushka  on sitar and Sarva Mangla, celebrating the Sacred Feminine.  DEVA is available for pre-order now, and will be in full release Oct 12.


Here is one uninterrupted hour of Benjamin Bubb music.

Benjamin Bubb, is an up and coming independent musician in the ambient and electronic genres, graphic designer, blog writer, and an avid seeker of truth through music’s healing powers. “Music from the heart,” quotes Benjamin. As young child, he had an interest in sound, electronic music, art, synthesizers, and piano. Benjamin has a unique talent & ability to play piano by self-taught inspiration. His music is relaxing, soothing, uplifting and composed from his heart & soul. Raw, pure and refined, each piece is recorded without expectations or pre-writing and edited with love using improvisational techniques to ensure the most touching, gentle & transformational of compositions.


Here’s two hours of uninterrupted music for your enjoyment:

Always fresh and filled with smooth experiences that brighten your day, a Oneness Music mix is master-fully created by our resident production Wizard! Just click and notice how your day smoothens around the edges. Fill your space with music that lifts your spirits, has just the right blend of Oneness moments of inspiration, and songs you know mixed with new favorites you’ll be glad you discovered!

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