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Ascended Living: Evolving through Density Triggers, Part Three BEYOND TRIGGERS! The JOY of Self-Ascension! Welcome to the final portion of our recent series on Moving Through Triggers. Throughout this journey we have discussed the victim triangle as a reminder of how the wounds of childhood find a socially acceptable playground for expression through projection and […]

Ascended Living: Evolving through Density Triggers, Part Two Triggers: Trapdoors or Springboards? Awaken in this moment to the vast divine nature of your eternal Self. Gift yourself with a breath of restoration that is yours to claim…right now! As you lovingly exhale, remember that the energies that are conspiring to keep you “stuck” or feeling […]

Part One of Three During times of perceived stability, our personality-self, inner child and outer surroundings support a sense of harmony that is density based. That is, we experience relative stability and a low level of anxiety. The world itself is not immediately threatening us and we feel safe in our day-to-day expression of the […]

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