Discover Your Cosmic Origins

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Date: September 19, 2019
Time: 12:00 am Pacific Time, USA

Join Sri & Kira in Cuenca, Ecuador!

September 19 to 24, with optional personal evolution extensions

During this 5-day event at the June Soletice we will visit ancient indigenous sites, touch sacred artifacts and learn more about the ‘cosmic visitors’ who impacted earth and her peoples many thousands of years ago.

Through Archangelic insoulment, archeological records, and a guided regression, you will uncover the truth about the influences that shaped the people on Gaia.  Touch the ceramic statues of ancient aliens.  Feel the shamanic presence of the Andes mountains. Optional plant medicine ceremonies available.  This residential event will free your mind of the constraints that limit perception and we will open to a greater cosmic context for our earthly experience.

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