Discover Humanities Cosmic Origins

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September 22-27, 2020 at TOSA Blue Mountain Retreat Center in Cuenca, Ecuador

Imagine a 5-day journey that combines the vast energies of ancient indigenous sites, the opportunity to actually TOUCH, HOLD and have ceremony with sacred artifacts as we learn more about the ‘cosmic visitors’ who impacted earth and her peoples many thousands of years ago.
Go beyond the hype of Ancient Aliens and actually EXPERIENCE YOUR divine nature!

You will experience a LIVE Inter-dimensional Attunement w/Kira Raa at Ingapirca (the Machu Picchu of Ecuador), ceremonies and guided soul regressions at TOSA Blue Mountain, and much more to assist you to uncover the truth about the influences that shaped the people on Gaia and our Soul’s journey as part of this process.

This event will free your mind of the constraints that limit perception!
Open to a greater cosmic context for our earthly experience!

Download Event Details Here

Attendance is limited to only 12 persons.

You can reserve your space by making a $150 workshop deposit by  Clicking Here.


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