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Join us Live Or via WEBCAST at TOSA BLUE Mountain, Ecuador

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Date: December 31, 2018
Time: 8:00 pm Pacific Time, USA
Location: Join us Live Or via WEBCAST at TOSA BLUE Mountain, Ecuador

Join us Live Or via WEBCAST at TOSA Blue Mountain, Ecuador

For the FIRST TIME IN OVER TWO YEARS, Sri & Kira, at the behest of the Ascended Realms, are offering the rare gift of a LIVE ARCHANGELIC INSOULMENT! If you are not familiar with this divine dispensation that has been steadily pouring through Sri & Kira for over 15 years just click here!

2018 is the year of anchoring stability through Shanti, Bhakti & Ananda. After settling in to TOSA Blue Mountain Ecuador, a profound stream of energy began flowing through Kira Raa and has been providing extraordinary messages and upliftment for humanity. It is at the request of these beloveds that this rare gift is being made available for all! To join the live stream to witness and receive the rich blessings of this gift, please click here to  send us an email to be put on the invitation list!

INTEGRATE THE BLESSINGS OF The Universe, The HEALING POWER of the Angels with The COMPASSION of the Buddha as you ACTIVATE your Divine Presence Claiming your AUTHENTIC CRYSTALLINE MYSTICISM!

Sri and Kira, for the first time with a group, will open the Crystalline Atlantean Healing Chamber and you will learn, remember, connect and travel the universe. The Crystalline Atlantean Healing Chamber offers to you a full body experience of your Ascended Self.  Learn to offer this gift to give to others or to sustain your own ascended presence. Beyond all words and definition.

Time to Remember and Reclaim your ancient Ascended Mastery and Healing Capacity! Join Us for POWERFUL Healings and a Live Insoulment!

Limited to 36 participants to insure your divine nature is served! 2 spots left. 

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