Alan and Sandra are dedicated to having guests on “Twin Flame Divine Fire Radio Show” on ,, and that enhance spiritual tools available in a variety of healing areas and teaching tools of which all aspects play a big part! They also bring guests on from the secular world who are making a difference around the globe with their special gifts of music, writing and various healing modalities just to name a few. It is designed to be lighthearted and fun but informative! But more importantly is how they began this journey!

Their journey has spanned over 32 years! The synchronicity of their journey that they have traveled together as well as apart are without a doubt like a puzzle! It really makes people stop and think about why certain events occur in peoples lives.

They are Bifurcation Attunement Energy Healers and guides assisting others in understanding the power of the mind, body and soul and how frequency plays a key role in our lives. We are not just here to establish a routine and occupy space! Life can be so magical and wondrous if people will play an active role in their own co-creation!

Together they have co-created “Twin Flame Divine Fire Radio Show” a powerful tool to help you in flipping negative energy into a positive flow and changing lives! One Frequency at a time.

Their mission is to radiate the frequency of hope!!!

Also enjoy Alan & Sandra on Soul Mirror Radio every Thursday afternoon at 5:00pm for conversations with Sri & Kira.


Healing w/Alan and Sandra

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