Corey Defazio

Corey is a Self-Ascension Intuitive Councilor, Ascended Numerologist, Avesa Medical Intuitive, cosmic life regressionist, Quantum Clairvoyant, Crystal and sound healer and Bio-Intensive Mini Farmer. He is also trained and actively creating off grid energy systems for sustainable lifestyles.

Corey was born in Orange County, California and lived there until age 7. Leaving the land of Disneyland, beautiful beaches and ticky tacky, to live in the mountains and forests of Northern California was a major shift in my energy at an early age. This contrast was a real eye opener for my journey back to my connection with the energy of our mother Gaia and sacredness of all things.

In my teen years my life transforms again as our family put forth trust in the journey of a big move to Hawaii. The stunning beauty and energy of the Islands rocked me to the core. Learning a new culture of music, dance and respect for the living Aina (Land). The purify waters filled with ascended beings of whales and dolphins, illuminated my past lives with the Polynesian experience. The energy of the people and culture humbled me as young man, filling me with the Aloha Spirit. Leading me down the road of alternative Healing. Here I studied at the clairvoyant center of Hawaii and learning about Chakra’s, Aura’s and how to give people readings. Here I started my yoga practice and received massage and naturopathic care. My wife and I found greater trust in the natural processes and had our children at home with an amazingly empowered mid-wife.

My wife Annaliese opened my view of simple living and sustainability as she grew up vegetarian on a Bio-Intensive Mini farm research site. I was able to learn the art of Bio-Intensive mini farming from her Dad John Jeavons, (Author and world-wide teacher of millions). This theme of connecting and being gentle on the planet was building and creating a lifestyle that was lighter in frequency. During this time in Northern California also know as Emerald Triangle I and many others were growing food and plant medicines that encouraged the awakening process. I learned that many people had moved to this area in the 60’s to get back to the land and off the grid in so many ways. Giving birth to the alternative energy movement and plant medicine revolution.

During this 2005-2006 time period I was blessed to meet my favorite Self-Ascension teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Ra. I started traveling to New Mexico as much as 5 times per year to train with this Sacred Couple. Learning of Healing modalities and Sacred tools and energy attunements to speed up the Awakening process. I was truly blown away, and continued my education with Sir and Kira in Guatemala. Receiving attunements and ceremonies with the Mayan elders and connecting with the ascended realms. Also assisting in world service ceremony during crucial energy shifts on the planet. I traveled to Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and India visiting sacred sites and temples that brought back many visions and lifetimes of experience.

During my trip to Ecuador to the Masters journey with Sri and Kira and the Self-Ascension community was what really brought it altogether for mastery. During this trip there were countless energy lifting moments, attunements, insoulments, teachings and ceremony. The culminating experience that took me to a whole new vibration and heart opening was the San Pedro(plant medicine) journey at Blue Mountain. I experienced what I thought was reality, turn into a sacred golden dance of love. I watched as light literally burned through so much of my Mental and Emotional baggage and release the chains of illusion. I witnessed hundreds of layers from lifetimes of family lineage energy shattering like windows and mirrors. Recycling so many fragmentations from many experiences and turning to one energy of Love and Wisdom in balance. All in to the one! The ascended masters also showed me the Goddess energy and the weight the feminine had been carry for so long. Respect for woman and all those that are anchored in love was at an all-time high for me. This was the most purify moment of my life. As I came through this healing portal the overwhelming energy of Love and Gratitude was immense and anchored inside me forever.

The overall message that I feel is that we are all loved so much, and anything that would challenge that is an opportunity to heal the fear within.

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