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Dawna is The Host of the LIVE video Show “Insightful Conversations.” She is a warm, friendly soul whose desire is to help others suffer less and is dedicated to helping others through a variety of tools from holistic health coaching, nutrition and hydration education, Reiki, Yoga teacher, Intuitive/psychic readings, Tarot card reader, numerology, astrology as well as guided meditations.

Dawna grew up as the youngest in a large very strict religious home where she witnessed violence, was abused, molested, and endured an exorcism at the age of 3 because of her psychic/spiritual gifts and the misunderstanding of her parents and the religions they were in.  As a result, she blocked her connection to angels and spirit and any memory of her abilities.  She always felt like something was wrong with her and that she was out of place.  Fortunately, Dawna was introduced to yoga in her 40s which sparked a several year journey of self-discovery and remembering her intuitive/psychic gifts. Her visions and communications with angels, god and guides have returned, and are strengthening each day.  It has been a transformative journey of learning forgiveness of self and others, along with loving and accepting herself more and more every day. Dawna helps people out of the holistic center, Onyx Wellness MT, and lives in Billings, Montana.

Dawna loves to travel and has studied many personal development and spiritual courses, trainings and sought out spiritual teachers to help her develop, awaken and remember who she is.  Dawna is so grateful to have come across Sri & Kira in the spring of 2019.  She traveled to Tosa Blue Mountain in September 2020 and it was a life-changing, incredible experience.

Join Dawna on her show, Insightful Conversations, to discuss helpful recovery tools and ways to improve and awaken. Knowing you are not alone in your situation and you are being seen and heard.  People say she is easy to talk to, compassionate, kind, generous, genuine, authentic, healing, nurturing, endearing with a very loving and accepting presence.  Call in for the chance for a mini reading and to discuss the energies and situations happening in your life and in the world.

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