Known for her passion and sense of adventure Indiiyah has spent her life in the pursuit of a solution. Having been diagnosed with several physical and mental disorders, she was meant to cope for the rest of her life, at least her doctors and family believed so.  Her abilities and her truth was not accepted let alone understood, being raised in a religious country behind the iron curtain.

Feeling cast out and always different, spending most of her time alone, “talking” to the beings she was raised to believe were hallucinations, when in reality were angels, she committed to heal through self-exploration and started to push her own limits.  When the doctors started talking about a wheelchair, she became a pro snowboarder. When life said “no”, she pushed herself to discover a yes.

After years of abuse, both from within and without, she finally hit rock bottom in every way. She broke down mentally and physically. When she thought her journey was over, the Universe had other plans. Through divinely orchestrated events, her breakdown lead to a spontaneous awakening and she spent close to a decade, traveling the world, reigniting through sacred sites and sacred healing and finally ending up in Guatemala, where she fully embraced her mission, her abilities.

The decades of self-development courses, her psychology studies, her sport and acting background, it all came together into an endless tool box of inspiration and experience she freely shares in union with her cosmic and channeled crystalline wisdom she is blessed to represent.

She is revered for her accurate and pure messages and teachings, and her endless enthusiasm with all her students and friends.

Her show Cosmic Adventures airs every Sunday at 1pm PT. Show is available both in English and Hungarian

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