Lee Munch

Lee Munch has been helping business owners grow their businesses for more than a decade. Her mission is to positively and profitably impact 13,800 small business owners by December 31st, 2020. As of 2018, she has done just this with 9,483 businesses. Profit Zen is a state of being, and this is the foundational program that is the result of working with so many overwhelmed, or stuck entrepreneurs who may even shut down at the thought of doing anything else because it will be “more work” and “more stress”. Lee helps you breaks that cycle.

Lee loves numbers in all ways – math, numerology, astrology, sacred geometry, musical herz, and more. She believes basically everything boils down to a number, and numbers always tell the truth (Like it or not). Lee says “when you make peace with the 5 key numbers in your business, it becomes easier, simpler, and consistent. You can grow it, integrate that growth, all without stress and overwhelm, and feeling like you are working endless hours for naught.”

Step on the path to “Profit Zen”. Let Lee teach you the “left-brained” business activities in a “right-brained” way. Where you are now is just fine, however, once you really understand where you are, only then can you walk in peace to your place of Profit Zen…and from there, so far beyond.

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