Nicole Borghi

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Nicole Borghi is the Host of the NEW show Soulful Illumination and a Soulful Coach empowering her clients to possess a meaningful relationship with “True-SELF”, others, nature and the spirit world. She assists them in moving forward beyond limiting beliefs, reduces stress, unhealthy habits and rewiring the brain. Nicole guides clients on how to go within and seek genuine self-inquiry to thrust forward into a greater self-dynamic. She shares life hacks; simple steps to integrate into today’s fast-paced society. Taking the teachings of the old world traditions and merging it into fun, fascination and real time magical transformation. 

Nicole’s magical mystical experiences with light beings began as a child when she played with fairies in the woods. She walked into realms, entered portals and traveled through dimensions. She would often speak to the “Spirits” during tea time as she played with her dolls. As she moved into her teenage years and in Silicon Valley her mother taught her about crystal energies and introduced her to Scientist Marcel Vogel. Nicole’s experience in powerful life force energies and the effect on human beings developed as she tagged along with her mother for haunted house clearings. As an adult Nicole guided family members and in-home care clients through alchemical transformation crossing them over into a light body being.

Nicole is a Soulful Coach, Crystal Reiki Master, Psychic Surgeon and Psychic Medium channeling heartfelt healing energies. She is a speaker on spiritual education; who conducts tantalizing talks on transformation

To connect with & learn more about Nicole, please visit her website & Social Media links below:


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