Paula Rowe

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Paula Rowe

Host of Global Unified Breathing


Paula Rowe is a certified Breathworker.  She has trained with and assisted Leonard Orr (Founder of Rebirthing International) in and out of this country.  Paula also trained with ​Sondra Ray’s Loving Relationship Training Program, where she became a very successful teacher, transformational coach, and lecturer.

Breathwork is and always will be her most loved modality of healing work. In 1993 she traveled to the Island of Curacao where she taught a two-part breathwork intensive with the schoolteachers of the island. This experience changed the way the children were being taught their history and elevated the consciousness of the school system.

Her private practice evolved to many clients from Europe.  She was residing on the Beach in South Florida at the time.  Paula then moved to Miami, and met Diane Aliana Torrey who founded Light Touch Healing.  The two of them opened a center in the Miami Springs area.  Eventually they combined their gifts and combined healing, which became The Espira Breath Experience.  Diane moved away and Paula and continued to teach Espira.  Paula then moved to the north to Michigan.  In 2009 Soul Awakening Project was born.

In 2012 Paula held an event for the Awakening of Gaia.  Everything became much clearer as to her mission.  Paula realized she was the project; her own life’s journey.  This was the premise of Soul Awakening Journey.  More recently the journey is navigating the way into Global Unified Breathing which is all about the Oneness Breath.  Her vision is seeing a mass amount of people coming together in one unified moment and breathing with a collective intentional goal, to a person, place, or object.  This Breath of oneness is what unifies us and awakens in us our true self realized presence.  The Breath itself leads us to our truth.  Paula’s mission is huge.  Paula’s says, “It not about me, it’s about the power of our own breath to bring about peaceful change.  This accelerated speed of light healing can take place in all of us.”

Website: https://www.globalunifiedbreathing .com
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