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Paula Vail is the Host of the Show Elevating your Life! As well as a Published Author, Reiki Master/Teacher in Usui Reiki and the Owner/Founder of Wellness Before she started her journey of Reiki over 14 years ago, she owned and operated a busy & popular Italian restaurant. Paula has a sincere passion to serve, inspire, and support others. Because of this, she has become incredibly successful. She is the host of the show “Elevating Your life with Paula Vail”, an inspirational speaker, and author of the book “Why am I so Happy” by Paula Neva Vail. She is also a co-author of the book “America’s Leading Ladies who Positively Impact our World” along with Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates, and others.

Paula was featured in New York City Times Square by the Continental Who’s Who organization as a Pinnacle Professional and has been featured in, and on the cover of multiple magazines. This includes a Q & A in Publisher’s Weekly, The New York Daily, Speak Magazine, and two times in the “Women of Distinction Magazine” for her achievements in business and life. She has also been, and continues to be interviewed by amazing hosts around the country such as Jim Masters and James Miller to name a few.

She was recently awarded “Empowered Woman of 2019” and “Top Female Professional of 2018” by “IOATP” The International Association of Top Professionals.

Paula is a nationally syndicated expert through Angelia Muslik’s “Wellness by Choice Network”. She will be a speaker at the 2020 Enterprising Women’s Talk Show & Conference Sept. 11-13, 2020, in Phoenix Arizona.

Paula has recently been featured in Publisher’s Weekly, Thrive Global, America Daily Post, One World Herald, California Herald, CUTV News, Speak Magazine and many others.

Are you looking to elevate your life? Paula and her amazing guests will share information, inspiration, and techniques to elevate your life in multiple areas. These include, personal, physical, business, financial, abundance, happiness, and overall positive manifestation.

Paula’s Patreon channel:   

On Paula’s channel you gain access to exclusive content such as meditations, podcasts, videos, as well as information for books and information on finding your joy, abundance, health, business success and much more.

People have always asked Paula why she is so happy…and it’s a good question! So she put it all in a book to share with the world. And the book is free! You only pay shipping! Just go to this link, I’m not sure how long the publisher will have this promotional offer.

Free book link:  

Paula’s book is also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. HERE is a link to one of Paula’s book reviews.


Paula’s mission is to spread positive energy, information, and inspiration through education and entertainment. The more informed viewers/listeners are about how to nourish their own emotions, bodies, and mindset, the more able they are to make choices that create authentic awareness, love, joy, and positive manifestation to themselves and to others.

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