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“Some awakenings are profound and some take time and numerous experience. Just hold on and let it all flow” …Rebecka Gregory

Hi! I am Rebecka Gregory and I have to say that I chose the path of the rebel resisting the true me until I finally surrendered and claimed my truth and set myself free.  Free to be in a place of mastery, an open heart, authenticity, vulnerability and doing my best to live in a space of love and being ness.  I was born into this world knowing I was unique with so many questions on how do I fit in when everyone around me does not understand me.  A curious child in my own right with the gift of seeing things, hearing things and knowing things.  This however like most of us was shut down and closed off, as it was not normal to be that way. I domesticated to the ways of the dream of this planet and hid that mysterious part of me and locked it away…

Along the way I lived the stories, played the victim, experienced trauma, (sexual and verbal), locked inside me the disillusion that I was not worthy, I am not good enough, no one truly loves me.  Living in a world of fear and also this rebel strength that would rear up at times to express herself.  (The part of me I locked away screaming to come out).  The world around me always gave me signs which I always embraced however would not take a step to heal.  For this is all I am worthy to have in my world I told myself to struggle suffer and never able to have my true dream.

In my teens the universe gave me hard core miracles to start unlocking the box inside…. I was in a serious car accident.  No seatbelt… No one was hurt… Miracle number one!  I was stuck by lightening… this took 20 years to discover the truth… I remember walking across a field hearing and feeling the jolt and then at the top of a five story condo building with no knowledge of how I got there.  Miracle number two.

I kept on trucking in my world of fear doing the best I could… Feeling underneath this light that wanted to come out and I ignored it.  I  kept myself locked into what I was told to do.. Went down the marriage path, divorce path, kid path, and career path.  Still with that feeling there is more.  The whole time always serving and doing my work being kind to others, assisting others in need and giving myself to everyone… except me.

Miracles kept showing up in my world over the years.  Magic appearing which I noticed however never took the step towards..  Still that feeling of my purpose is so much more however I was so conditioned to those monkey’s in my head as the truth.

6 years ago I finally said YES and began the journey of the truth of me… I came across a book about the toltec teachings and that was it… The bubble popped and I was on my way… I can imagine the looks on the angels, masters and guides on that day.. lol All that I denied myself I was determined to look at unravel and face my demons that kept me prisoner..   I started with Hypnotherapy that lead me on a journey of epic proportions…. Going down the rabbit hole of learning all I I could. Traveling to experience life and sacred places.  Opened the door to receive and embrace the magic of me… And the universe along the way has been profound with its messages and gifts to me…  I just look back with wonderment now of it all. With the utmost gratitude in my heart .. Yes even the deepest darkest parts where to my surprise were my gifts hidden away…

So here I am now…. A Light Expression Alchemist opening up to bring  the Cosmic Tune UP Happy Hour to the world to be a beacon of light for the lost ones, the seekers, the cosmic shifters and awakeners.   My thirst for new knowledge and growth will always  continue.  Now is time for me to fly and help others out of the nest to join me.  For the world is  in a moment of great change and it is up to us to come together to assist each other with no judgment and love in our hearts to push others out of the nest so they can fly free…..

Live as LOVE

With JOY in your HEART

In a space of GRACE

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1 year ago

SOOOOOOOOOOOO IMMEASURABLY EXCITED FOR COSMIC TUNE UP HAPPY HOUR WITH YOU!!! So grateful for you & for you to share your gift with the world. You ooze magic, exude beauty and command power <3 Ready for a tune up and a shake up c;

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