Sahara Exodus

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Sahara Exodus

Host of Uplift your Heart: The 4 Pathways to Fulfillment

Sahara Exodus is an ordained Shamanic Priestess and Certified Counselor specializing in loving and compassionate services for the heart, soul, mind and body. She celebrates the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and is a shamanic guide to experience life force energy through Divine Grace.


Sahara is the founder of “Heavenly Harmony on Earth: Love Center”. Her quest is to harmonize duality through acceptance and trans-personal love. For twenty-five years, she has offered psychic tarot card readings to corporate gatherings, high school grad celebrations, various special events, Hollywood wrap-parties, night-clubs, as well as intuitive counseling and a variety of heart/mind/soul/body private sessions.

Sahara was born the only child to her parents who divorced when she was five years old. She lived with her father until he remarried when she was nine. She inherited a new step-mother and a younger step-sister and step-brother. At this point, her parents became spiritual leaders in ‘Eckankar’, an Eastern based religious organization. This was her immersion into Eastern philosophy and meditation.

Sahara is a survivor of repeated sexual abuse trauma inflicted by a neighbor which happened outside the home when she was only seven. This resulted in a long twenty-five year intense healing journey through countless therapies, counseling, courses, workshops, retreats and training in multiple disciplines to reclaim her feminine power. The ‘gifts’ from these experiences are that she is a highly sensitive soul who is empathic, telepathic, intuitive and creative.

In her first phase of life, Sahara went to Art School and explored visual arts. It has been a part-time endeavor throughout her life, as she loves to draw, color and paint meaningful images and abstracts, for inspiration. Sahara has also explored her creative passions through spending several years being a performer as a singer, dancer and clown (ie: face-painter).

Sahara had a powerful shift in her late twenties which lead her into a two year sabbatical after which she wrote her book, “Reclaim Your Feminine Power”. Soon she began sharing her book through seminars to women’s centers, conferences and organizations. She then created a weekend workshop and compatible workbook based on her book. During this time, she also wrote regular articles for a few local publications. This brought her a variety of media opportunities as she was interviewed in several newspapers, magazines, radio shows and television.

Soon afterwards she created a new original co-ed program called “Love & Money for You: The Free Magic Link”. Sahara taught this 6-part personal empowerment course through the Adult Education Night School program administered by the School Board in Vancouver, Canada.

Sahara loves animals. For several years she offered psychic pet readings in people’s home, helping owners with the emotional and physical health challenges of their pets. This attracted more media publicity for her in the ensuing years.

For about seven years, Sahara and her husband had a non-mainstream documentary film and discussion group called the ‘Free-Thinkers Club’. The theme was, “We question everything to expand beyond our belief systems in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms.” Our club members became educational activists who enlightened the local community on hidden agendas while offering amazing innovative solutions to help solve both public and personal issues.

As Sahara turned forty, she explored shamanism and sacred sexuality extensively and added these new skills to her toolbox in order to serve others. She trained for another decade in a variety of related modalities as a sensual Shamanic Priestess. Eventually, she had a major life shift as a result of a profound spiritual experience…a Kundalini activation. This lasted for five weeks in a visitation with the Divine Father God. A few years later the Divine Mother Goddess visited her for three glorious weeks. These experiences revealed her purpose which helped to cultivate a complex insight that would continue to heal her karma and prepare her for a grander vision.

Sahara now lives in Ecuador with her husband and partner of twenty-seven years. The two of them have been studying duality together and exploring enlightenment through the sacred path of their relationship. Her partner is an amazing philosopher, storyteller, filmmaker and editor. Together they enjoy nature walks, good food, movies and traveling. They also study Christianity and the Christ Consciousness of transpersonal love and service. Now they are both exploring Ascension. They enjoy living one day at a time during the current Great Awakening of the Big Shift of a grand 26,000 year cycle. They offer love and support to help humanity evolve into higher states of consciousness seeking a kinder, fair and peaceful home for all the world to thrive.

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