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Trish Causey is an ArtistAlchemist, combining her performing arts background as a professional singer, award-winning composer, author, talk show host, & freelance Broadway journalist with the esoteric arts of quantum healing, Tantra, sexual anatomy & function, & sex magik. A torch-bearer for the Divine Feminine revolution, Trish is a fire spirit & Twin Flame on soul mission to bring pleasure & bliss to the forefront of the awakening collective, while exposing ingrained cultural & religious sexual abuse.

As a self-described “SacredSex Shaman”, Trish helps clients awaken their bodies’ potential for cosmic-level orgasms as each allows their body to reveal its inherent mind-blowing capacity for bliss. She guides her clients as they transcend their fears & uncertainties, bust through their own B.S., & anchor love, healing, sovereignty, & consciousness within themselves. Trish teaches her clients to navigate the path of least resistance to manifest the life, relationships, & money of their dreams while working through the trials & traumas of this lifetime & past lives. She assists her clients with pivotal breakthroughs, utilizing her talents as a Tantrika, intuitive, spiritual wealth consultant, business alignment coach, master tarot reader, numerologist, transformational guide, & relationship-sexpert.

Trish is the creator of several courses & programs to aid in the connection of sexual pleasure with sexual healing: “AWESOM: Awakening Energy & Sound Orgasm Meditation”, “21 Days to Better Bliss”, & her “SacredSex Certified Practitioner Course”. She offers exclusive “Tantrik Fire Magik: Love, Sex, & Money Alchemy” coaching packages & mastermind group coaching for those who are serious about moving beyond transformation, toward transcendence. She is proud to share her online courses, group classes, & retreats with clients.

Part of her work involves de-sexifying “orgasm”, which is the fastest, most direct connection to Spirit for the average, unawakened person. However, a spiritual person also benefits — “spiritual” people often think sex is a “lower” vibration, which is not so! There is a special energetic connection between the genitals & the heart, which is absolutely divine!

Former host of “Musical Theatre Talk with Trish Causey” & “ArousedWoman Radio with Trish Causey”, Trish returns in October 2020 with “Sacred Sex with Trish”, her Q&A video talk-show that will appear live on multiple streaming platforms. Trish is frequently asked to be a guest on other talk shows & women’s summits. Learn more at

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