Siri & Kira boldly answer the tough questions and offer fresh perspectives that capture the essence of NOW! Experience laughter, wisdom and experience Passionate Action that is “refreshingly articulate, intelligent and downright funny”. A well known spiritual power couple, they consistently pour forth healing love & laughter in a way that touches the authenticity of your being, ignites your soul, and touches your heart.

Thomas Ardavany and Suzanne Toro with SolVibes&Indie Creators. We are dedicated to raising your vibration, inspiring creation and celebrating Indie Creators. Thomas and Suzanne use their wit, candor and good vibrations to dig deep into topics that the guests and listeners are ready to explore and transform.

A healer, counselor (SAIC*), and lover of vegan food, Jess brings dynamic transformation, love, and peace to those she works with. Her passion is for helping others in their evolution to a life of ultimate radical freedom.

Dee’s important message to the world is: Love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make you love yourself more.

Lee Munch has been helping business owners grow their businesses for more than a decade. Her mission is to positively and profitably impact 13,800 small business owners by December 31st, 2020. As of 2018, she has done just this with 9,483 businesses. Profit Zen is a state of being, and this is the foundational program that is the result of working with so many overwhelmed, or stuck entrepreneurs who may even shut down at the thought of doing anything else because it will be “more work” and “more stress”. Lee helps you breaks that cycle.

Dolores Cannon’s career as a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression spanned almost 50 years and had taken her on an incredible journey along countless fascinating destinations. As the range of topics her work covers and sheer volume of original material she had produced places her in a category of her own, this section has been provided to give you insight into each stage of her career and how it has progressed over the years. Read about her early days in hypnotherapy when she first discovered reincarnation, learn how she developed and refined her own unique method of hypnosis known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), discover all the captivating areas of research she had explored on her path.

“Together lets ignite our soul wisdom with the Messages of Light!” Let us join together and unlock the messages of love and wisdom as you remember how incredibly beautiful, powerful and unique YOU are! We will travel the universe as we call forward heavenly support and love, connection and unity, clarity and inner guidance! It is time to remember who you are, as you bring forward your deepest essence, and connect with your highest truth.

Gregory and Gail Hoag are internationally known leaders in the research and creation of 3 dimensional sacred geometric tools for expanding loving consciousness. Together for more than 33 years, they have explored universal patterns and their relationship to consciousness. They share their knowledge through beautiful Sacred Geometric tools, meditative attunements and empowering programs.

Clara Valdivieso is a Fitness professional with vast knowledge of the industry since 1996. She owned and operated a Holistic gym for 20 years. In addition to fitness, Clara is a Certified Yoga Professional for over 20 years and currently holds teaching degrees in both Kundalinii and Hatha Yoga.

Kathryn and Patrick Andries are veteran teachers, authors and public speakers. Both have been teaching and studying metaphysics for over 20 years. They are co-authors of the book Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed. Kathryn’s other books include Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose, Soul Choices: Six Paths to Fulfilling Relationships, The Big Desire and The Dream Doctor.

Lucinda wrote her first song aged six and has been writing ever since. In 1994 she co wrote a number one hit The Real Thing for the artist Toni Di Bart. 1995 saw her sign to EMI publishing and EDEL records to create the album Suicidal Angel which was released to critical acclaim with the single I Said Hey receiving 6 weeks air play on Radio One. To Be Loved from this album was remixed and became a huge New York underground hit in the gay clubs. Then aged around 28 Lucinda began a  serious spiritual journey. She started meditating regularly with an organisation called The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. This brought about a profound change in the music and she was dropped by her record and publishing company. The new music had a different kind of message as the intention was to create a sound imbued with beauty and depth that could enhance spiritual awareness and transformation. Something the pop industry struggled with. Her own transformation and experiences lead to the creation of the seminal album A Hundred Thousand Angels (written and produced with Andrew Blissett) which is played all over the world in many different contexts with the title song becoming a classic in the fields of healing and spirituality. Lucinda is now invited all over the world to perform at gatherings of world leaders, at peace conferences and  in numerous spiritual centres.  Learn more at: She has sung in The Albert Hall and Wembley Stadium, London,  The Washington Press Office, The Pyramids in Mexico, The Agape Spiritual centre in LA,  as well as venues across Australia India and Europe.

Wafa’ Tarnowska is a published children’s author, translator and story teller. She is also a radio broadcaster, lecturer and corporate responsibility expert.

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