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Tune in Friday Nights 5 pm Pacific for the Cosmic Tune Up Happy Hour… Rebecka Gregory comes to you live for a Friday night unwind with mind expansion of the Cosmic Truth.  One that opens your mind to explore where you might not have gone before.

A journey to open your awareness up to the hidden Cosmic world that is around us everyday, if you take a moment to receive the gifts hidden in the shadows.  The creation of this show is also about you the ones out there in the trenches of society hiding from their truth or uncovering it..  One show every month will be dedicated to you to express..

Call in and share a story, a experience, poem, channel or message because one voice of true expressions opens the door for all.  So give yourself an hour on Friday to  unwind  let go, open, expand and find that HAPPY..  Join the Cosmic Truth and Tune in for Happy Hour Friday night at 5pm Pacific.

2020 Show update:

Join me on instagram at cosmictuneuphappyhour…

This year the Cosmic Tune Up Happy Hour will be leaping in the energy of trust and surrender to the Universe.  All shows will follow the energy of the week and see what shows up… Come and explore as we navigate this world together and see what happens, who will pop on the show and what magic will happen…  Sounds transmissions will continue and other tips and tools to assist you along the way..

Come explore with me!

Web site.

Facebook.   Rebecka gregory

Instagram: cosmictuneuphappyhour

Don’t forget to call in if you wish to share… I would love to hear from you…

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