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Oneness Talk Radio is dedicated to inviting only today’s inspiring artists from both the world of super-stars and the rising talent making their way! Every month our weekly schedule includes a featured music segment throughout the week!

This month we are honored to share the AMAZING NEW ALBUM: ANEW by Featured Musician, Random Rab.

Here is what he has to share:

“Hello, my friends.
I am very excited to announce the pre-release of my new album, Anew. If you get it on iTunes or Bandcamp, you get the first track, Remain, for instant download or streaming.

The theme of this album is likely my most personal and “song-based” album yet. Lots of lyrical content and structure. For the most part, I would say this album is minimal. I tried to pull out all the layers that seemed unnecessary and pare the songs down to their most basic elements. The album starts off dark and bouncy and slowly morphs into uplifting and cinematic.

To enjoy ALL music available be sure to visit our All Music page.

Always perfect and always filled with harmonies that make your day brighter, Our Oneness music selections are selected with the intention of highest service for all!

Monthly we feature a selected artist and you can listen to them during the shows hours for Featured Artist.

This month we are beyond delighted to feature the extraordinary Lucinda Drayton!  Be sure to tune in and enjoy their selections from four of their current albums with a new release coming soon!

To enjoy ALL music available be sure to visit our All Music page.

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