Global Unified Breathing

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Global Unified Breathing

with Paula Rowe

LIVE Video Show Sundays 11 AM Pacific 


The journey of the sacred breath has led to self-realization and awakening. Its apparent that we had no idea just what was in the real rhythm of the breath. The navigation of this healing modality, the intelligence of the breath is from the heart of God.  I can only speak from experience; I am not trying to rewrite all the wise words that have been offered on breathing.  I will guide as many people as possible to experience breath and its ability to shift consciousness.  I will assist to guide you out of false-beliefs and the dense stories you’ve been telling yourself.  The Breath is Spirit, Spirit is the Breath.  It’s waiting for you to participate in your desire to connect with true source and direct you into the space within, where all truth resides.  How would this effect your life if you began decerning who is directing your life and decisions?  Your breath empowers you!

Let me be your co-pilot guiding you into discovery of self.  If you’re looking to release the energy in your body, the energy locked in at the cellular level, we will experience the breathing cycle.  The breath understood and proper breathing habits brought into your daily life will free you.  Remember we are all sharing the same air, breathing in love and breathing out love.  God is the breath of life.  When we know we are awake, we can experience being breathed.  Just think we were all born with the ability to change our world and the way we interact with this world.  When we change our world, we just might want to participate in changing the world around us.  The power of the breath is a direct gift from God, source.  Did you know all living beings breathe?  Why is it that our creator gave us this blessed gift?  It’s like a secret!!!!!!  The breath is not just for our own awakening, it’s the map to greater freedom, global freedom and unified freedom.

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