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Insightful Conversations with Dawna

Conversations to support, assist, and encourage through a variety of situations in life! From assisting the collective with awakening and ascending, to discussions about recovery – whether it is from addictions to drugs/alcohol or abuse, relationships, trauma, pain, gambling, money, food, fear, and more.

During Insightful Conversations, Dawna assists others who are struggling to see, feel, and know they are not alone and that they can tune in to get ideas, suggestions, inspiration, and tools to move forward in any situation.  Dawna sees people’s hearts and souls with her spiritual and psychic gifts and shares her gifts with guests, live chat and call-in phone conversations.  Tune in to get your inspirations and a possible mini-reading on air!

On each show, Dawna draws 1 or more cards from the Cards of Clarity deck, The Healing Mantra deck, Moonology deck and/or any other decks she feels called to pull a card or two from to discuss the message and energy of the day/week/moment.  When guided, Dawna also shares the energies of the planets. Through her communication with Angels, she will be using guidance from them and God/Spirit/Source/Universe for messages for individuals and the collective.  Dawna’s sacred mission is to assist as many people as possible to awaken, raise our vibration, suffer less, find like minded souls,  to see and feel better about themselves, know they are not alone, improve quality of life and gain more clarity!

Tune in for your dose of warm, lively, and insightful conversations!

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