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The sky above creates a map by which we can steer our lives – if we only knew how to read it!  That’s where Living Astrology with Janet Hickox comes in!  Each Monday morning, Janet gives us a weekly “head’s up” about the movement of the planets and how they will affect us energetically.

A famous philosopher once said, “As above, so below,” meaning that the heavens and the movement of the Sun, Moon, and planets influence what is happening here below on the Earth.  When we know what to expect, we can plan, prepare, and be wise about what actions we take or don’t take.  It is literally a priceless tool to help us live our lives in balance, peace, and harmony.

During the show, Janet artfully weaves together disciplines such as Western Astrology, Human Design Astrology, Pleiadian-Earth Astrology, and the Gene Keys to form a coherent strategy for you to live your life by.  Not only is she discussing what is happening in the week ahead, but she educates everyone listening on how to read their charts to know themselves better.

Periodically Janet interviews other astrologers and metaphysical people of interest to help broaden the listener’s perspectives on important topics like Unity, Oneness, Evolving Consciousness, and more.

PREMIERS EVERY MONDAY at 8:00 am PT for LIVE! Video at Oneness Talk Radio Youtube For Audio Replays, see the schedule above, or visit the Archives Link to tune in at ANY time at the top of this page. The more you discover about YOU, the more you see how we all are on a sacred journey!

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