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 Profit Zen is a state of being, Learn how to merge spiritual principals into your enterprise and reduce stress while welcoming greater abundance.


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Profit Zen is a state of being

and this is Lee’s foundational program that is the result of working with so many overwhelmed, or stuck entrepreneurs who may even shut down at the thought of doing anything else because it will be “more work” and “more stress”.  Lee Munch has been helping business owners grow their businesses for more than a decade; let her help you break that stress cycle.

Learn how to merge spiritual principles of abundance, manifestation and vision to your enterprise.  Discover how to succeed while honoring your deepest values.

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Thomas Ardavany and Suzanne Toro with SolVibes&Indie Creators. We are dedicated to raising your vibration, inspiring creation and celebrating Indie Creators. Thomas and Suzanne use their wit, candor and good vibrations to dig deep into topics that the guests and listeners are ready to explore and transform.

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