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Welcome to “SacredSex with Trish”!

Trish Causey guides viewers on a tantalizing exploration during “SacredSex with Trish” as she navigates the transformational experience of blending sexuality & spirituality.

A self-described SacredSex Shaman, Trish Causey unlocks the door on the mystery school of pleasure for those on the Ascension path of unconditional love.

Trish draws on her sensuous Tantrik training & a decade of experience as a sex educator: to guide you in anchoring love, passion, healing, & consciousness within your intimate relationships; & to create a balanced sexual union in the physical that reflects your intrinsic union with Source Energy.

Discover how to open your heart & your perspective to the sacred wisdom of your body: to revel in divine, full-body bliss & soul-aligned sensuality; the sacred sexual experience that is your birthright.

ASK TRISH A QUESTION! What is most important for you right now in your relationships & balancing sexuality with spirituality? Trish wants to answer your questions!

Ask your question to be answered on-air via the contact form on Trish’ website: Or you can ask your question in the “SacredSex with Trish” Facebook group:

Trish will try to get to as many questions during the live shows as possible. Certain questions may be addressed in a blog post as well.


The live video can be seen on, Oneness Talk Radio Youtube or OTR Facebook LIVE! with premiere streaming on Trish’s YouTube channel: The replay video will be uploaded to several video platforms, including Trish’s Vimeo, DailyMotion, BrandNewTube, & BitChute. Video Archives below!

Can’t watch? Wanna listen?

The audio-only version of each show will be uploaded to several top podcast platforms within 48 hours of the livestream, including Apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, & more. All links will be available here:

Subscribe to Trish’s blog so you can follow the juicy flow of SacredSex wisdom & new shows! Http://

View Past LIVE VIDEO Shows Here:

November 24, 2020:

November, 17, 2020 PREMIER:

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