Soulful Illumination

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Welcome awakened beings from across the world, the known universe, and other realms seeking to ascend into the higher levels of consciousness!

During Soulful Illumination, Nicole Borghi will share where Soulful Illumination and conscious connection happen. Hang on tight while the Enlightened Enchantress empowers you with good vibes, laughter, light and love. Strap on your jet pack and prepare for take-off. We’ll traverse through the realms of transformation. Enjoy the journey as you soar alongside your guardian angels and spirit guides!

Soulful Illumination awakens the heart, illuminates the Soul with quantum frequency vibration, and inspires one to live life to its fullest. Feel into the passion of raw emotion and personal action. Shift! From the overwhelming feeling of not being enough, to a positively empowered being.

On Soulful Illumination, Nicole shares tools to freedom from the pains of depression, anxiety, or self-doubt. As we holistically heal the soul, we awaken into a more loving human being. Together, we transform at a cellular level through divine healing energies, becoming the creator of our lives and awakening our magic!

Tap into the conscious connection and ascend.  The time is now for awakening!

To connect with & learn more about Nicole, please visit her Host page or connect with her website at

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