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The World of Ascension with Indiiyah

Endless curiosity and passion for an empowered and awakened cosmic human experience 

LIVE! Video Show Thursdays 1 PM Pacific, First Thursday of the Month in Hungarian!

Join Indiiyah for a relatable and encouraging hour of ascension! Discussing timely and diverse topics, you can surely count on inspiration and laughter! From channeled messages and meditations, through ascended life and entrepreneurship topics, an all-encompassing cosmic human experience!

“The World of Ascension is an exciting, magic-filled place, where we are unfolding the human journey as it merges with our cosmic eternal soul essence! “

As a global citizen and creative well-spring of adventures (both in the outer AND the inner world), Indiiyah’s passion for awakening and self-care and her compassion for all things human will make you feel seen, heard, and cherished.

Every first Thursday of the month the show is in Hungarian and every last Friday the amazing Jess Juntunen will join as co-host for an Ascended Sisterhood hour!


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