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Este programa de radio está disponible en español y en inglés

El contenido es actualizado los segundos martes de cada mes

Si te pierdes un episodio puedes encontrar el archivo de todos los programas en

All in All / Todo en Todo

All in All and its Spanish-language counterpart, Todo en Todo, is a holistic health and wellbeing radio program hosted by Silvana Spano, from Global Wellness Solutions. Silvana’s holistic practice is based out of Ecuador but has international reach through online coaching, counseling, videos, courses and lectures.

Silvana has an eclectic background as a therapist, health coach, healer and teacher. You can read more about her journey in her host page on this website or at www.GlobalWellness.Solutions

All in All is intended to promote thoughtfulness, presence, self-responsibility, and a strong connection to our whole being.

Silvana’s personal guidelines and All in All’s set of principles are one and the same. As such, these principles are central in guiding the selection of topics, as well as defining the approach and the perspectives taken during each episode of the radio program.

Guiding Principles:




Program Series:

Holistic Wellness will explore themes related to holistic health and wellbeing.

Expand Your Being will focus on philosophical perspectives and ideas relevant to our times.

Reality Check will explore dilemmas and difficult realities in our world and how to best navigate them.

Good Technology will discuss technologies that support and enhance health, wellbeing, and therefore life itself.


  1. Contributing to oneness by being a forum of respectful and inclusive (but carefully discerning) dialog.
  2. Acting as a linguistic and cultural bridge between the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking worlds.
  3. Facilitating the exploration of relevant topics to the audience of All in All.

Feel free to contact Silvana at info@GlobalWellness.Solutions if you have any questions.



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