Uplift Your Heart: The 4 Pathways to Fulfillment

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Uplift Your Heart: The 4 Pathways to Fulfillment

With Sahara Exodus

We are complex souls on an eternal journey of growing and evolving. At times, we can get stuck and even devolve. Life lessons come to us in many shapes and sizes, both in our inner-world and outer-world. Sometimes it takes a health crisis, relationship problem, job loss or a shocking spiritual wake-up call (such as a near death experience) to shake us to the core!

We may want to give back to our communities the love we receive by expressing our life purpose with passion and joy. At the same time we may feel uncertain and uncomfortable with the changes during the current Global transformation.

Sahara Exodus is a Shamanic Priestess, Intuitive Counselor, Artist, Activist and Innovator. She is here to offer “The 4 Pathways to Fulfillment” as her medicine to Uplift Your Heart.


1) Signs, Blessings and Miracles: Sacred Guided Messages

Witness Divinity in the mundane as well as the epic! Notice the spiritual experiences that show up in our everyday lives. Be wowed by sacred timing in situations when everything just appears to line up. See the extraordinary in the ordinary. Is it coincidence? What are the odds of that?

When we physically and emotionally engage in the sacred life force in all that is, we find that this powerful energy of Spirit is filled with guided messages. These assist us in being connected to Source rather than to walk through this world alone.

By reviewing these sacred messages, listeners will discover that their Creator, personal spirit guides and guardian angels are there for them too. This will bring more awareness of what signs to look for.

Sahara will share some of her monthly signs and blessings for inspiration. She then will interview special guests, who will express personal testimony of their own miraculous spiritual accounts.

2) Understanding the Relationship with Self and Others: with Caring, Love and Intimacy

Explore how the astrological timings for the day and key cycles are affecting your mood and relationships.

Sahara will unravel sacred nuggets on how to get to better know one’s own being. She will share how to infuse yourself with love and offer wisdom on how that may help improve your relationships with your partner, family and friends.

The next segment will be participation with the audience while contemplating intimacy issues. Do you have a challenge with yourself or others? Callers can chime in to ask questions. Sahara will offer a brief intuitive counseling chat for moral support.

Finally, there will be an invitation for callers to get vulnerable and express how the global dramas in this ‘Great Awakening’ are affecting their sense of security and personal world with both challenges and joys.

3) Guidance from Leaders: For Healers, Artists, Activists and Innovators

Are you being called by your soul to commit to a special mission or a sacred cause? As you claim your inner power, you may feel a strong sense of being a pioneer helping to forge a path for others to follow. We need your courageous strength to stand up for justice, fairness, and sacred balance as well as to express intuitive action with great meaning.

Discover various leaders in the mentioned fields to hear about how they got started. What was that breakthrough moment that led them to their life purpose? And why is it their passion? Hear their key points about their personal guidance from experience, to help support your precious vision or current project.

Sahara is a healer, artist, activist and innovator. With her call to mentor, she offers basic tips from her experiences while interviewing eccentric guest speakers for greater insights.

4) Prophecies, Stories and Shamanism: With Spiritual Activities

To understand our times, we will explore ancient and modern prophecies pointing to this Big Shift we are currently in while gaining transitional wisdom.

Additional stories may help bring awareness to key points which can support us with our own metamorphosis.

As we allow these apocalyptic revelations to percolate, listeners are welcome to participate with spiritual exercises such as guided meditation, breath work, sound healing, and others. These shamanic techniques can help to integrate this great ‘Shift of the Ages’ with faith, harmony and surrender.

With every death, there is a rebirth. The caterpillar that becomes a butterfly, at first, needs to create a chrysalis as a safe sanctuary for its transformation. Humanity must also do the same for positive change. We are in this together! So with gentle wisdom and energetic nourishment, we can get through this to create a kind and loving global culture and a refreshed beautiful earth!

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, s/he turned into a butterfly.”~ Proverb

To learn more about Sahara, please visit her Host page or connect with
her website at www.PriestessSahara.com

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