The Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence

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#25 ~ In the New Age wisdom of Mars Sector 6, transmutation is an all-encompassing evolutionary process in which we are responsible for raising all life – all thought and all matter – through the different levels of existence, back to the Divine. But we don’t have to wait until Ascension to start applying this truth ourselves! What can you do now to be more in tune with this cosmic wisdom?

#24 ~ The ancient wisdom said that we could each go within and amalgamate with God again, leaving everything else behind. This was called transmigration. The New Age wisdom of The Nine Freedoms says that no one – nothing, not even a Galaxy – can go back to God until all that there is goes back to God together with it. It has be done collectively. This process of collective evolution is called transmutation. “Being spiritual” is about putting this wisdom into practice – by helping the whole rather than just helping ourselves.

#23 ~ A staggering Historic Change To The Ancient Wisdom ~ In alchemy, transmutation is the process of changing base metals into gold. It is about changing the nature of something into something higher. In the New Age transmutation is about something far more important than precious metals – it is about raising the consciousness of the whole world.

#22 ~ Imagine for a moment Cosmic Consciousness – a state in which you are one with all life upon the Earth… Now try to imagine Galactic Consciousness – a state in which you are one with all life throughout the Galaxy… millions upon million of worlds! This experience of Galactic Consciousness is just one of the essential experiences necessary before one of the Perfects of Saturn is ready to enter the next classroom of experience in our Solar System – the Sun. How can we apply these spiritual revelations in our own lives?

#21 ~ There is really only one major “sin” on Earth. Mars Sector 6 tells us exactly what the problem is, and exactly how to solve it. The only sin, he says, is ignorance of Oneness. The solution – is Enlightenment. In this episode of The Spiritual Freedom Show, Richard shares a fresh, liberating, and hopeful perspective on “sin,” based on the teachings of Mars Sector 6.

#20 ~ What would you consider the hallmark of a great spiritual person? Wisdom? Compassion? Humility? Spiritual Powers? When the Master Aetherius described the greatest Master on the surface of the planet Earth – the Lord Babaji – the word he chose was: active. What can we learn from his example?

#19 ~ In true meditation, you experience a deep state of oneness. Love becomes more than an emotion. It becomes something universal, impersonal and unconditional. Putting this into action is what service to others is really about. In this podcast episode Richard talks about love, service and spiritual development. What can we do to help others? How does selfless service help us to awaken our higher chakras?

#18 ~ Richard talks about the psychic and intuitive aspects of the journey to Enlightenment. How can we best develop and apply our psychic abilities? How can our intuition help us to navigate the trials that will face us along the way? Is meditation still the best way to spend our time if we want to achieve this goal?

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