The Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence

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Episodes 74-77 ~ Are you a Sun Worshipper? Can we love the world without liking it? What really matters at Christmas? And some New Year’s inspiration or spiritual workers everywhere!

Episodes 70-73 ~ Explore more about bravery and the difference between happiness and joy, discover a yardstick for truth, and see whether the stories of these four people following their spiritual path resonate with you.

Episodes 66-69 ~ Can we ignore the evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life any longer? Would you choose career ambition or spiritual truth? What’s the most spiritual thing any of us can do? What can you do to gain control of your conscious mind? All this and more in this month’s episode of The Spiritual Freedom Show!

62-65 ~ Discover a secret to escaping the “matrix”, how we are being helped by beings from other worlds, how you can be part of the ripple effect of selfless service, and why going against the flow is a key to your spiritual freedom.

Episodes 58-61 ~ What does it really take to achieve the elevated state of Cosmic Consciousness and the Initiation of Ascension? What are the signs that an ET contactee is real? What are some of the tests that you will face on the spiritual path?

Episodes 54-57 ~ Discover more about beings from the higher levels of existence on Saturn and even the Sun, and the only reason we’re here on Earth

Episodes 50-53 ~ We will explore the destiny we all have on Earth – Ascension. What does it take to achieve this state of total mastery over life on Earth? What will we experience when we get there?

Episodes 46-49 ~ Discover more about changing world karma, freedom vs free will, the road to Ascension, and the simplicity of Enlightenment!

Episodes 48-45 ~ Discover more about awakening your chakras, choosing a spiritual teacher, and overcoming fear through real faith.

Episodes 38-41 ~ #38 ‘Don’t let anyone delude you’ – what can you do to find spiritual freedom in a world of lies? #39 ‘Divine Love’ – discover a key to your journey back to Divinity #40 ‘Easter proved ascension’ – discover the true meaning of the cross #41 ‘Even the Ascended Masters have changed ‘– a new language on Earth – an amalgamation of Eastern mysticism and Western action.

Special Edition on Ukraine

Episodes 34-37 ~ Discover the wisdom of The Nine Freedoms in this month’s compilation of the Spiritual Freedom Show exploring how we can each overcome some of the limitations that prevent us from achieving a more enlightened state of being.

Episodes 30-33 ~ Discover more of the wisdom of The Nine Freedoms in this month’s compilation: ‘You can’t evolve without serving’, and ‘Six ways to cultivate Enlightenment’.

Episodes 26-29 ~ What happens when you feed your Soul with wisdom? / Why are you here on Earth? / Discover one of the keys to overcoming fear that we are given by Mars Sector 6 in the First Freedom. / What better way to understand what love really is than by starting to experience it for ourselves?

#25 ~ In the New Age wisdom of Mars Sector 6, transmutation is an all-encompassing evolutionary process in which we are responsible for raising all life – all thought and all matter – through the different levels of existence, back to the Divine. But we don’t have to wait until Ascension to start applying this truth ourselves! What can you do now to be more in tune with this cosmic wisdom?

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