Awakenings, Moments To Inspire

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Awakenings, Moments To Inspire

with Angela Stanfield

LIVE Video Show Every Thursday, 11:00 AM, EST


They say everyone has a story to tell.  However, those beautiful beings who find themselves on a spiritual journey to fill the holes inside, have stories that are memorable and dripping with wisdom, happiness and sadness.  For some these stories span lifelong quests with each level of enlightenment attained through intense study and inner personal work.  For others it was one major incident or catastrophic event that caused a shift inside that pushed the ego away and opened them up to the wonders of the universe.

Just sitting and chatting to people and listening to their individual stories both fascinates and resonates with Angel deeply.  She loves to chat with people from all walks of life and all ages, particularly about their own spiritual awakenings and journeys.  Their individual stories never cease to inspire Angel and aid her in her own journey of awakening.  She is sure the same will be true for you.

There are so many beautiful people from all walks of life who long to have spiritual mentors to resonate with.  It is Angel’s honor to help bring these people and their stories of Love and Light
together too ignite and inspire, so that humanity can shine brighter than the fear and hate in the world.

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