Geri Habstritt

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Welcome to my joy portal, where miracles happen every day and seeing the reflections in all things light the way. Like all beings whose soul intention is to wake up and remember who they really are, my journey was as unique as yours is and as common as us all.

Activated by the sudden loss of my brother at the age of 24 I began receiving messages and visitations I never thought possible. With one eye open I began to ask, “If this is possible, what else?”

Across my bedroom wall in gigantic letters I pasted: “Show me who I am and what I came here to create!” This spurred a week-long dream that continued from one night to the next. I was shown that I could heal with my hands in person and from a distance. I was also shown it would take absolute confidence and trust in myself in order for this to be realized.

As life would have it, I found myself at the bottom of the barrel having to give up virtually everything and lift my way up. This is called the Yoga of Self-Ascension™.
The many years of self-healing and realization has literally taken me around the world to learn and master Avesa Quantum Healing techniques. From Guatemala where I learned from the Maya, through my teachers Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa, then with them to Thailand and India to join with Buddhist monks and Hindu priests in ceremony and healing and then to Uruguay and Ecuador.

Right here and now is the moment and place where trust has led me, 
to share with you all that I am, all that I have learned and all that I know
to assist your life to be Amazing!!

I’m certified as an Avesa Quantum Healer, Avesa Medical Intuitive and Self-Ascension Intuitive Counselor™. In addition to offering workshops and private spiritual gatherings in the comfort of your home, I am honored to also share healing sessions in person or online. Visit my website to learn more:

Also, please visit or email me at

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