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Show Title: What Is Total Freedom?

Show Description:

Everything we eat, everything we drink, everything we touch is solidified sunlight; the power and energy of those beings who make up the radiations of the Sun. These beings are known as the Solar Lords. And we only exist because of them! In the ninth – and final – Freedom, Mars Sector 6 describes Solar Existence as total freedom. He also tells us why this is so. Catch episode #15 of The Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence as he explores how the example set by these sacred beings can inspire our own everyday thought and action, right now, here on Earth.

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Do you want to know the purpose of life and why you are here; be at peace with your destiny; give powerful service to the world; discover the extraterrestrial message for these days; experience true spiritual freedom?

If any of these apply, you will want to listen to this podcast by international bestselling author and spiritual teacher, Richard Lawrence, answering the questions you may have thought could never be answered.

Amid numerous claims and counterclaims of contacts with angels, masters and extraterrestrial beings this is the podcast which will navigate you into the safe haven of Truth.

Richard has appeared on radio, tv and in the press around the world thousands of times. He has been Executive Secretary for Europe for over 40 years of the oldest international spiritual UFO organisation, The Aetherius Society.

He will share with you the knowledge he gained from his spiritual teacher and close friend, the late Dr. George King, who channelled hundreds of communications from extraterrestrial sources, focusing especially on a series of spiritual teachings, which he regards as the greatest ever given to Earth, The Nine Freedoms.

Each week Richard will play extracts from The Nine Freedoms and draw out the inner meaning of the text so that you can apply it in your own life. You’ll also hear from people, like you, revealing the “Moment of Truth” which turned them towards the spiritual path. And Richard will answer questions sent in via email, which Darren Ball will put to him on air. It’s not just talk though – each show will also include a spiritual practice led by a guest presenter for you to try!

If you wondered whether the wellness community had become all body and mind and not enough spirit, let this podcast redress the balance. If you thought the new age movement had sold out or lost the plot, let this podcast restore your faith.

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