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Perspectives from the Sky: Journey into the Age of Aquarius LIVE Video Show every 1st and 3rd Saturday 3:00 PM EST

Perspectives from the Sky seeks to help others connect to the bigger picture of our human evolution into the Age of Aquarius, as we experience challenges that tend to make people feel great fear and panic at times. These are the pains typically present when releasing the old patterns and opening up for new consciousness and ways of being. These are the labor pains of birthing this New and incredible Age!

On the show, Leo Knighton Tallarico provides the astrology forecast for that week, and looks into socially conscious issues; psychological and soul depth issues; politically progressive issues. Leo will also provide weekly attention to UFO and Extraterrestrial subjects; including discussing Zecariah Sitchen’s books, for example, “The Twelfth Planet.” Let us become ever-more self-actualized in the truth and breakaway from the programs we have all been subjected to!

Most importantly Perspectives from the Sky seeks to bridge the divide between human and divine and to show that this Universe is all about connections. The underlying energy of every show is that Love and Truth govern the Universe and is being brought into greater awareness, so we can experience the Oneness of All.

Age of Aquarius is upon us now! Diversity Within Unity, Love, Truth, Fairness, and Justice prevail.
Come take the ride with us into this new world on Perspectives from the Sky radio with your host, Leo Knighton Tallarico!

Discover more at Leo’s blog at; and Email Leo at

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