Angela Stanfield

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Angela Stanfield

Host of Awakenings, Moments To Inspire


“Love is the strongest force in the Universe.” This is what a very young Angel Stanfield would always tell her family and friends whenever she got the chance. But, it was these same family and friends who would always try to convince her otherwise. “You’ll understand one day when you get older that it is not that simple.” They would say to her. Angel in turn would reply back, “Yes, it is that simple. I know.”

Now more than forty years later, Angel has stuck true to her knowing while moving through life’s lessons, that for many would serve as proof that Love was not the strongest force in the Universe. However, Angel held on to her belief so as to not loose herself in a troubled world and also to act as an example of the full human capacity of Love. Angel became a life long scholar of human history and experience in order to learn why and how we lost our faith in and love for each other and how we can get it back.

A Solitary, Hedge Witch, follower of the Yoga of Self-Ascension, Writer, Energy Healer, Spiritual and Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker, it is Angel’s heart felt mission to help the Children of the World to fearlessly stand up and be themselves, just as they themselves are learning exactly who that is. It is Angel’s sincerest wish to cross the generation gaps of understanding and perspectives to help families see the Love in it ALL. She also wishes to be a mentor for the older generations, so they may bridge the gaps in the relationships with their families and face their moment of transcendence fearlessly and with true grace.

From Love, Life and From Life, Love.


Website: Waters of Self Ascension

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