As the energy of that powerful eclipse completes its natural cleansing process many are experiencing this as cold, flu, bronchitis, etc. What many call an illness, as a medical intuitive, I call a cleanse. Anytime a highly energetic event happens such as an eclipse or full moon, that which we are FULL of that doesn’t […]

Geri Habstritt

February 14, 2019

By Geri Habstritt If you are reading this, you know we aren’t here by accident and we are Brilliant CREATORS constantly creating our life experience. We never stop. What manifests in front of us is a magical mix of our thoughts, focus, beliefs, unconscious beliefs, unhealed emotional goodies, people we hang around, the nourishment or lack of […]

Ascended Living: Evolving through Density Triggers, Part Three BEYOND TRIGGERS! The JOY of Self-Ascension! Welcome to the final portion of our recent series on Moving Through Triggers. Throughout this journey we have discussed the victim triangle as a reminder of how the wounds of childhood find a socially acceptable playground for expression through projection and […]

Ascended Living: Evolving through Density Triggers, Part Two Triggers: Trapdoors or Springboards? Awaken in this moment to the vast divine nature of your eternal Self. Gift yourself with a breath of restoration that is yours to claim…right now! As you lovingly exhale, remember that the energies that are conspiring to keep you “stuck” or feeling […]

Part One of Three During times of perceived stability, our personality-self, inner child and outer surroundings support a sense of harmony that is density based. That is, we experience relative stability and a low level of anxiety. The world itself is not immediately threatening us and we feel safe in our day-to-day expression of the […]

By Self-Ascension Mastery Teacher Mary Jacobs Namaste Beloved Self-Ascension Community!  The second week of August is upon us with powerful energies that are playing out to get our attention. This energy calls to my heart to reach out with LOVE and unconditional support during this significant moment of expansion. Within each of us, there is […]

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