Patty Peterson

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Patty Peterson, co-host of Light, Laughter and Lattes
Relax with your cup of tea and join Patty two times a month for an enlightening, uplifting hour of Light Laughter and Lattes LIVE video & radio show, Wednesdays at 3 PM Pacific.
Patty is a gifted Intuitive healer and teacher. Assisting many as a practicing Medical Intuitive with a deep background in holistic healing and the medical field.
Through personal tragedy, Patty awakened to her authentic self and connection to all that is. With love and sincerity, Patty assists others to unravel the root causes of their suffering. Guiding them to greater health and empowerment of their unique gifts, skills and talents. Raising consciousness to live with greater happiness and well being for the highest good of all.
Connect with Patty at her Website:
Ask Patty a question or book a session at her Wisio Page:
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