The Art of Oneness!

Oneness Talk Radio listeners are extraordinary! Many of our listeners express the blessing of Oneness through their art and we are honored to feature them here!

Would you enjoy sharing your art with the Oneness community? We welcome you!

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Breathe, relax and enjoy the slide show of our amazing artists contributions. Each picture includes the artist name and their sharing of the creation. True Oneness! Simply click on any picture to enjoy its full beauty and radiance of Oneness!

Crossing the Bridge and fearlessly diving into trust
This painting came to me when Sri described a bridge and Kira quoted Indi. I closed my eyes and the I crossed the bridge and dove into nothingness. This is the experience that came to me.
Witnesser Witnessing the Witness
This was created after Kira described this beautiful meditation rising above 3D, 5D and beyond. I loved it and asked myself how would it feel if i try to expand a little bit further and this painting materialized.
November and December Energies
This came forward after sharing in the chatroom about the 'hand-scale' practice. After I thoroughly felt November in the left hand and December in the right hand as I joined them - gorgeous golden rays helped me envision this painting.
Carl McClellanMerkaba
Last month I was inspired to create this Golden Merkaba surrounded by the Violet and Emerald Flame. It now hangs on our ceiling. Peace ~ Carl
I have been a miracle team member/follower of Sri & Kira for years. I am honored to participate at OnenessTalkRadio.  "We Are Free" is my first expression of being a cosmic soul, in a human form. With layers of complexity, we are powerful beyond our own capacities. We often forget how powerful we are.
"We Are Limitless" is my second expression of being a cosmic soul, in a human form. I created this art to remind myself and others of this TRUTH. We ARE limitless. Thank YOU for the gathering of souls that you have helped to bring forward into Oneness.
"We Are The Bold" is an expression of flowing energy. A wave of creation springs from each of us, reaching out and beyond into the Universe. When I feel uncertain, I remind myself of the wisdom of Sri & Kira. When we say YES to our authenticity, we open the door for many more souls to awaken to their truth, beyond our own awareness. Thank YOU for your support and guidance.
"It has come to me after doing the Cosmic Flame practice. The golden timeline popped up and I've got the message that all that I have left to do - is live it, be it, feel it, radiate it - and walk in trust, for the heart knows the way. With love and light, Kris Tyler."
"After spending a year with Sri & Kira, I have transformed so much. from the baby steps of purging doubt and fear to the bold and reassuring mantras 'I deserve because I was born' to the cosmic embrace of unconditional love and diving head into my Essence. With love and light, Kris Tyler."
From Svetlana
Shiva's drawing was based on the image carved in the Ellora Caves.
From Svetlana
Very recently after listening to Sri & Kira’s radio show I saw the throne with a female figure arising from the Planet and being part of it, very solid and powerful part of it.

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