Masha Sigurdson

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Masha offers her show in Russian and English and also creates Oneness Moments in both Russian and English.

“Together lets ignite our soul wisdom with the Messages of Light!”

Let us join together and unlock the messages of love and wisdom as you remember how incredibly beautiful, powerful and unique YOU are! We will travel the universe as we call forward heavenly support and love, connection and unity, clarity and inner guidance! It is time to remember who you are, as you bring forward your deepest essence, and connect with your highest truth.

Masha Sigurdson is Avesa Medical Intuitive™, Quantum Clairvoyant™, Self-Ascension Intuitive Counselor™, Avesa Practitioner™, Reiki Master/Teacher. She meets with clients at her Avesa Quantum Healing™ Arts Center in Saint Paul, MN.

Masha was born in small town near Moscow, Russia. She is a granddaughter of famous Russian actor.  She was born clairvoyant, and discovered her gifts at the age of 10. Masha was invited to study at Extrasensory Perception school at the age of 22.  Since then studied many paths and many different modalities over the years. As a young woman she left her work at prestigious Moscow library to become one of the first full time Energy Healers in small Healing Center.

Masha moved to the USA in 1999. Living in the States she studied the path of Energy Healing, Buddhism, Holistic and Alternative medicine with many great teachers. In 2007 Masha met her Gurus and true Teachers Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa along with her soul family. Masha is dedicated to the Yoga of Self-Ascension. She has traveled to Guatemala, Uruguay, India and Ecuador to study with her beloved Teachers Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa. Masha is a joy-filled soul that is happy to share wisdom, knowledge, and experience she has mastered during her 30 year journey with you!

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