Richard Lawrence

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Richard Lawrence

The Spiritual Freedom Show is hosted by Richard Lawrence. Richard is a veteran of the Mind Body Spirit movement in the UK who has devoted his life to the work of his late Master and personal friend, Dr. George King (1919-1997), with whom he co-authored Contacts with the Gods from Space and Realise Your Inner Potential.  

Richard is the Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society for Europe and Africa, which was started by Dr. King and is the oldest UFO contact organization in Britain – possibly the world. He is also a Senior Bishop in The Aetherius Churches. 

Described by Kindred Spirit magazine as one “of the biggest talents in MBS”, Richard’s books, DVDs and CDs have been sold in many countries and languages. 

He has taken part in hundreds of radio shows around the world, including several appearances on Coast to Coast AM, and as a regular co-host on Mike Allen’s weekly show on LBC called ‘The Phenomena Files’, and made many TV appearances. 

Darren Ball

The Spiritual Freedom Show is produced by Darren Ball, a volunteer Staff Member at The Aetherius Society. Darren is the creator of, where people tune in from around the world to practice The Twelve Blessings online together for global healing.

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