“Heart Point” Channeled Message by Masha Sigurdson

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In the vastness of the Universe there is always a still center, the “heart point”, where all energies are
connecting and intersecting. In the “Intersections” of energies there is always the perfect balance and the vastness of opportunities; and the new choices always can be made.

To find a new harmonic “crossings” is to create a perfect balance within.

All energies are available now, all Cosmic Rays of Light are ignited for you and within you, and the doorway to the Cosmic Communications is wide open.

We are holding the doorway to Cosmic Connections and Cosmic Communications wide open for you,
because you asked us to do so. We are here with you now, holding your hands and sending you our love.

You are floating in the river of Cosmic Love now and we are holding you right now. You are safe to move
forward and become the higher expression of Light you are wanted to be. You are safe and you are ready.

Move forward beloved one, have no fear now, you are Light and you are coming back to the Light. As you are re-opened and ignited your ancient Essenah heart, the memories will come back to you, and you will fulfill the mission you are come here to accomplished.

Ignite your heart Beloved One, do not hold back – you are ready and the planet is ready for you. Your Light will shine brightly, and will ignite others and dance with other bright lights.

Together we will re-built and re-create the Rainbow bridge of Love, by holding open connections to the
other realities, unconditional Love, Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Knowing.
The choice is yours and your heart is open.
You are ready.
Many blessings.


Channeled Message by Masha Sigurdson, Host of Messages of Light

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