The Rising Voice: Can Humanity Survive Dogma?

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2022 January Peak Full Moon Up-level

The Rising Voice:  Can Humanity Survive Dogma

Through Master Lady Kira Raa

Namaste most BE-Loved ONES!

This IS the moment that initiates the upper-level Ascension Ignition.  And…as ALL of humanity is wandering through the fields of consciousness with ever greater Awareness than ever before…this particular Full Moon Up-level calls forward the PRESENCE and AWARENESS of the question:

Can Humanity Survive Dogma?

The short answer is YES!

To achieve this YES, requires an extended invitation for ALL to gaze deeply into the vast warehouse of our collective wisdom. To fully open ALL of our “I’s” and see beyond the illusion of limitation as we call forward the KNOWING of Abundance!

Humanity has been in-joying the beauty and expansive nature of life in this form.  As we continually reincarnate into this particular experience of density our depth as limit-less BEings of consciousness becomes adapted to the “ease” of forget-fullness.

Our co-creative capacities and alchemical presence adapt to the frequencies of the formed experience.  Through this adaptation we mutate our-self!  Ever refining and discovering the depth of the richness of expansion of Consciousness through the EXPERIENCE of form.

The January full moon is also potently arriving with the full power ad presence of the 17.  A loving reminder to HOLD daily…for 17 seconds the highest potentiality for the ALL.  To remember that the ONE + THE SEVEN BRINGS US ALL back to our limit-less infinite nature.

When living in Guatemala in 2010, Sri & I shared with the world through our book, 2013: Mayan Sunrise, that we were ALL at the moment of becoming our own Priest/Priestess Selves.  As humanity has expanded through the energy of fear or trust, the seven polarities that birthed through the Ascension escalator of 2015-2022 are now PEAKING!

The blessing of “Free Will” can also be the excuse that binds the ALL.

YES!   We are FREE to co-create and to limit-lessly expand.

Through this expansion, the eternal spiral of consciousness supports ALL experience.  Whether you are spiraling upward, downward or laterally is not relevant.  What matters is the Consciousness that chooses to meet the experience.

This is the power of dogma!  The “attractive” energy of dogma stimulates ALL that is density and ALL that is of the ego.  It teaches hierarchy and structures of belief.  It instills fear and buffers cruelty through “greater causes”.  it solidifies the power of kings and stifles the co-creative nature of those who see “more”.


ALL must move through the belief systems of the culture to ARISE through them!  Just as a pearl finds it luster through the pressure and muck of its birth, so does consciousness.

The seven polarities of Fear or Trust have fully offered to the planet the support of ALL.  The secret is the consciousness that meets this energy.  As others have more passion for their life experience than you may have for yours, the cycle of the spiral seems eternally lateral or downward. All-ways familiar as it is the same energy repeating and DAMPENING your divine mastery presence.

Dogma is as expansive as it is limiting!  Rising above ALL dogma is the freedom moment that is now EXPANDING through this potentiality of density.  The energy of the Victim, (victim-rescuer-abuser), is seeking to stabilize and thereby limit the transcendent nature of humanity that lifts through the victim cycle into the mastery experience of Teacher-Healer-Mentor.


The rising voice of humanity is just getting started and ALL energies are affecting the ALL.

We ARE at the moment where the universe is watching and consciousness is inviting.

As we each…invite our-self…to remember outside of the limitation of the brain that seeks to limit, the potentiality shifts into the divine mastery experience of ALL!

Yes!  This is outside the bounds of all dogma. Yes! This is the moment to fully remember and re-a-lion with your Divine Mastery Presence.

YES!  Fear and Trust are the energies of this moment.

As the full moon of the rising voice calls and invokes its glorious Uplevel energy in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde that is also rising…NOW IS THE MOMENT…


Smile at all fear and thank it for assisting YOU to expand.



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– Sri & Kira
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