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Ascended Living: Evolving through Density Triggers,

Part Three

BEYOND TRIGGERS! The JOY of Self-Ascension!

Welcome to the final portion of our recent series on Moving Through Triggers. Throughout this journey we have discussed the victim triangle as a reminder of how the wounds of childhood find a socially acceptable playground for expression through projection and rescuing.

The energies of victim, abuser and rescuer circulate together as a psycho-emotional dance that underpins a multitude of behaviors and even public institutions!

The victim triangle is actually a single energy with three faces. One face is unable to exist without another – it requires the other perspectives of the triangle to sustain itself.

Understanding this dynamic is the first step in healing it.

It is the nature of triggers to ruffle the feathers of our unhealed areas and expose limiting beliefs andrecognize that the three faces of the victim triangle have both an inward and a projected outward form. We often activate the various victim triangle roles inside our own heads. You can consciously experience this by simply witnessing your self-talk when you are triggered!

Because victim energy is common, it is incorporated into our personalities and expressed through our social interactions. For example, seeking justification for feeling hurt, the victim will find a principle or belief that justifies its wound.

It should not have happened because…” (fill in the reason why the other party is wrong).

By focusing on a concept or judgment, emotional energy is displaced from the inner wound toward an outer ‘thing’. This reinforces the ego’s protective strategy and contributes to dysfunctional social norms. While emotional growth can occur over time, if the triggers and the orientation of the victim triangle are incorporated into ones personality as ‘normal’ it becomes more difficult to release them.

How many public causes are rooted in the victim triangle?

How many political or activist groups are in rescuing mode? Or defending?

Relax your breath, exhale and gaze deeply as you discern whether the energy of any group is coming from the heart of true compassion or identification with a wound expressed through the face of compassion?


From one perspective it is “all good”; people are being helped and the activist group members gain self-respect through their actions. From another perspective the activism perpetuates an energy that invites conformity to less-evolved states of consciousness. Spiritual activism is an elevated form of density consciousness. Looking deeply through a clear lens helps us understand what holds density together!

Density consciousness is an ego-based reality.

The values, world-view and dreams that arise from this level of consciousness ultimately have a payoff for the ego. This is one reason why density is, in fact, a school! Each person needs to develop some emotional maturity in order to have patience for the inevitable speed bumps that exist all around us. Once we become aware of the ways our ego locks in limited perspectives, then we are free to choose to grow!

The Yoga of Self-Ascension supports rapid and steady elevation in consciousness. Growth occurs when we identify with a greater context…a reality beyond the ego! Through the spiritual practices found in the Yoga of Self-Ascension we gain conscious access to the infinite energy field of the Divine Universe. There we find a greater identity and we see that our life in form actually serves the expansion of love. Our personal problems become less compelling. And the wounds of childhood heal quickly. Love is the universal healer. Love plus conscious attention always supports a greater harmony.

The heart is the root chakra of the ascended state. It is the foundation! Using the Star
, for example, helps us unhook from the victim triangle. The “Container Practice” immediately disengages our energy field from emotional Velcro. Using “The Living Ankh” practice or the “Ascension Energy Activator” both move density energy and free us! All these practices support transcendence out of the victim triangle into the “Ascended Presence Triangle1”.

The Ascended Presence Triangle is a stepping-stone out of the Velcro of victim energy. When we witness or experience a trigger, we are able to choose the loving faces of Healer, Teacher and Mentor, as appropriate, to be of service to society and ourselves.

The Ascended Presence Triangle offers a way of being in the world without being imprisoned by dysfunctional worldly energies. It is an extraordinary leap forward and a way to be of service to those living in density while honoring your authentic spiritual energy.

Remembering that we all start our lives within density consciousness ignites gratitude for the gifts it births. Density provides a point of stability and a point of reference. Currently in the USA and many developed countries, mass consciousness is shifting and there is a visible degradation in morals and behavioral standards. From the lens of density, this instability can be unsettling to both our hearts and our egos!

True stability cannot ever be found in the outer world.

Stability arises from an unshakable foundation that radiates from our ascended heart.

From this transcendent space we discover the strata of consciousness from the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening known as Ascension Awareness. This is the gateway for “being in the world” while also being less challenged by the world.

Interacting with density, while holding our Star Consciousness open, cultivates expanded vision. Calling forward through the divine universal stream of awakened consciousness, we see ways to actively support others, to make a difference in our environment without relying on the ego. Our personality and the accomplishments cultivated from lower levels of consciousness become tools for the ascended consciousness to deploy in service for the greater good. Nothing of value is lost.

When the energy of this awareness becomes your life, 24/7, with every breath; from that divine space of mastery, we serve Creation while also harvesting the gifts of being in form. This is the fruit of The Yoga of Self-Ascension.

Life is truly a gift! Life’s experiences cultivate consciousness, wisdom and joy. Each experience can call forth the expansion of love and harmony. Being conscious of the expansion of love expressing into density, and beyond, is Joyful and rewarding.

Triggers are indeed springboards! Whether we cycle into an emotional defensiveness or lift into expanded Joy, each trigger is a stimulus to make a choice. At some point in our evolutionary journey, through the consistent attention to our choices, we arrive at the moment that the events no longer sting; they simply call forth ever more love.

Each life experience cultivates awareness and with conscious awareness a new choice opportunity arises. As you choose anew, an ever-refining spiral of evolution is witnessed.

Free yourself to say YES to your commitment to Authenticity and your sacred intentions will propel you through all of life’s lessons with ever-greater ease.

Life’s lessons offer opportunities to grow in discernments that free us from all the triggers of density. For example, recognize that fear and anger dance together. Have you ever found yourself in the fear-anger loop? This is a common response to a trigger. When an event triggers insecurity, our immediate response may be to become angry. Rather than seek a rescuer, we project judgment and anger outward. The fear-anger loop can be felt as empowering, because anger is a force-full energy.

The way to transcend this dynamic is to lift into gratitude.Gratitude is the perspective that honestly notices how every event in our lives serves to stimulate empowered choice. Gratitude arises when we lift out of the limited perspectives of fear and anger and discover that we are ‘bigger’ than the trigger. Our essential nature is infinite and we can draw on that source of infinite love and wisdom to navigate through any life trigger.

This recognition arises as our energy lifts out of density and we discover the Joy that arises naturally from our divine essence. That is, true joy does not depend upon outer circumstances. Joy is the energy of consciousness aligned with the authentic Self. As we release dependence upon the emotional body and find true Guidance and nourishment from our ascended Self, Joy arises quite naturally.

Joy transcends the fear-Anger loop.

True Joy is the radiation of consciousness when it is identifying with the soul. When we have freed ourselves to remember that the ego-identity or personality-self is like a child, then we open our eyes wider and gain perspective. The personality is simply a lens or toolbox for engaging density; it is not who you truly are. Thus, when the personality self is triggered, we can choose to put that ‘self’ in a car seat of protection and trust our ascended Self to master-fully take the wheel.

Honor the beloved ego for what it is, a stepping stone for your conscious participation in the world.

The expansive, infinite, wordless existence of Joy can truly only be understood when one has transcended the worldly experience of emotional joy. True joy does not depend upon winning anything; there are no outer circumstances that affect it. When you experience true Joy, you then have a compass for all future choices. You have the gift of a touchstone that calls your consciousness to notice when you have lapsed into density reality. Remembering that once you notice, all you need do is choose the appropriate spiritual practice to bring ascended energy forward into your life experience.

If it does not bring you joy, then why are you doing it” …Archangel Zadkiel


Archangel Zadkiel lovingly reminds us that “Joy is your Measure”. With spiritual discernment we can re-prioritize our lives to align with the Joy of ascended living. Your journey of awakening is just that; a journey!

The scenery will change. The lessons will refine. Time will pass and your path of ascension is assured as long as you carry a pure intention and pay attention. No judgments needed – simply be Aware of your Experiences and make a fresh Choice! All is in flow.

Once you are anchored on the Path of Self-Ascension, you discover life becomes easier. Miracles seem more common and patience, love, and trust, are natural qualities that arise with ease.

As this mastery anchors we have noticed that the “witness energy” becomes ever more transcendent. That is, the first step to conscious growth is to witness oneself. Through awareness we learn and we make healthier choices. Basic witnessing can express at every level of consciousness.

Transcending the common levels of consciousness brings with it the experience of ‘Witnessing the Witnesser’. We next step behind the subjective focus of consciousness and begin to anchor in the context that allows our independent life to express. That is, we start to witness the self that has a point of view, as we naturally lift into the Oneness experience that ignites our consciousness to witness the witnesser, as it is witnessing. This occurs far outside of the mind of density and can be difficult to grasp as a concept at first.

As we no longer identify with the experiences of “this life”, and free our consciousness from the need for a “point of view”, we can embrace a cosmic context for the experiences presented to our consciousness. This opens our dimensional awareness that is outside of the vocabulary of earth-school.

It begins with the recognition that there is “something more” than the subjective life that birthed our first experiences of self-awareness.


What separates humankind from other life forms is self-awareness. What we refer to as the “Soul” is the spiritual essence of our Self that is beyond the form of a body or a particular lifetime. That essence carries the natural potential for Self-Ascension because your true nature is beyond density.


You already have the roadmap to reunion and it is yours to reclaim with each conscious breath. It is the very nature of your Soul to ascend and return to Oneness, you are doing it perfectly. This is merely one reason why life is sacred. All expressions of Life, regardless of their momentary expressions, are on a spiritual journey that is a precious contribution to the One.

We love you. We honor you. We feel your heart and may you feel yours.

With Many Blessings and a deep bow before your mastery,

Sri & Kira

This was introduced with greater detail in Part two of this series.

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