Harnessing Your Power of Creation

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By Geri Habstritt

If you are reading this, you know we aren’t here by accident and we are Brilliant CREATORS constantly creating our life experience. We never stop. What manifests in front of us is a magical mix of our thoughts, focus, beliefs, unconscious beliefs, unhealed emotional goodies, people we hang around, the nourishment or lack of we ingest and the environment we live in. Let’s call that “our creation energy”. Now we add frequency or power, which consists of the energetic charge made up of joy, excitement, anger, pain, etc. (they all have a lower or higher frequency based on the emotion) added to this mix and “viola”, there manifests your life experience.

How can you harness this creation energy to work in your favor? First, you need to be meticulous about your focus. Are you watching the news and getting upset by what you see or hear? Are you in turn discussing the news with others thus adding to the drama and chaos?

If so, this is the energy that will be added to your life experience and creation energy. This means not only did you sabotage your joy but you added energy to that which you don’t want. The world right now is screaming and lobbying for your creation energy or power; a bombardment of ads everywhere, tv’s in the craziest places (gas station pumps, really?), fake news and social media.

Everyone wants a piece of your mind power or attention to empower their mission, whatever that is. How about shutting it all off and captivating yourself with YOUR attention? Fill that time doing things that bring you joy. (Joy has a very high frequency.)  Listen to light music, dance, nourish yourself with light foods (foods that contain Light and not death), watch light, fun, feel good movies without the ads, surround yourself with people who make you smile.  Service is a wonderful way to feel good and bring meaning to your life. Try coloring or painting and adding lots of glitter glue? (It’s not just for kids). Imagine creating a vision board to beautiful music while dancing and then take action to make it happen? Now that’s uber serious creation!

We all know about the unhealed emotional goodies. They appear cycle after cycle. If we don’t bring forgiveness, love and conscious attention to the unhealed stuff, we get to re-live the experiences with new players until we resolve the core issue. Why weren’t we born with handbooks on this?  This is absolutely a key to living a harmonious life and what I have spent the last 10 years studying.

As a medical intuitive, I can detect these unresolved emotional energies and assist people to release them through a variety of quantum modalities. I like quantumbecause its the easiest and fastest means. Like it or not, if these energies don’t get resolved they will show up again as part of your 2019 experience.  We are all on an ascension escalator that is building in energy and momentum until 2022 so everything will continue to intensify. Consider making your dreams and joy your focus.

Geri Habstrittis an Avesa Quantum Healer, Medical Intuitive & Self Ascension Intuitive

Counselor in Meridian, ID. She can be heard weekly on www.Onenesstalkradio.com and reached at 208-841-8573.  Visit online www.https://gerihab.wixsite.com/joyfulliving

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