Love vs. Knowledge

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Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

Archangel Zadkiel & The Benevolent ONEs share through Master Lady Kira Raa:
WE…ARE…HERE! Indeed! YOU…ARE…in a crystalline temple. And, You…ARE…in an opportune moment to expand ever more into full-ness. We encourage YOU…to CELEBRATE every breath. As you celebrate every single breath, and the fact that you have lungs; give your-self the gift of filling these lungs and exhaling the breath and feel the joyous understanding of ALL that IS.

Breath is your gift! How do you use it?
REMEMBER that in the time of crystalline energization and expansion, ALL OF YOU, breathe…ever more. Breathe like you have never breathed before. Arise from the shadows and take in the breath. Yes! As you breathe you release. As you breathe, you open and full-fill many destinies. Yes! YOU…DO!

We offer you the energy of the breath and invite the re-membrance of one thing. As you are in the truth of loving breath, celebrate breath! Many offer their breath damnation through declaring, I cannot breathe enough, I do not breathe enough, shallow breath, cannot breathe.

As YOU offer the-self the love of breath, as YOU offer your-self the gift of Deep Divine breath… within that re-cognition, LOVE becomes ALL. ALL that YOU…ARE, and ALL that becomes the ONE gift… in the Oneship of the ONE BE-ing-ness.

Understanding Knowledge
Many discuss knowledge. Many claim that they must have knowledge, crave knowledge. There are encyclopedias of knowledge, institutions of knowledge. Consider this.
When you serve love you have every-thing, do you not? Yes!
When you serve knowledge, you will constantly keep seeking.

Must know more, must understand more, must have more. This is an endless loop that entraps your energy in 3rd dimensional existence.
When you seek knowledge, you are perpetually seeking. When you seek LOVE… YOU…ARE…perpetually filled. In perpetual full-fill-ment, ALL knowledge all-ready exists.

You end the search and live in the bliss-full state of Divine recognition that ALL…IS, ALL…has been, AND ALL WILL All-ways BE.

How often do you take time away from Divine bliss to seek more facts? “Must have more facts, give me more facts! If not a fact… I will not pay attention.”
Can YOU…BE…in the bliss-full state then? When you are constantly seeking, can you ever be found?

Re-member, Dearest children, YOU…ARE…at the time where YOU…ARE…ALL-ready found! YOU just need to know it! Gaze into the depth of your own soul and into your own re-cognition of Divine Love. Then notice:
Are you loving yourself enough?
Are you recognizing the Divine gift that you are? Are you able to take in, every moment of every day, the re-cognition of pure love?

In the re-cognition that WE ARE ALL sparks of the One Divine Light. When you love enough, could there ever be separation?

Could you ever hate another in that space? It would not be possible to even summon the word hate when you are in the spaciousness of Divine recognition of the Love of Oneness.

When YOU…ARE… in the Love of Oneness, when YOU…ARE…the Loving Oneness, ALL that YOU seek, ALL that YOU experience, ALL that YOU do, comes of YOU! How could YOU hate you? And yet, many do.

Embracing Divine Oneness
Re-cognize that as you visit, and revisit, and visit again, that which you consider to be not enough, that which you consider to be disconnected from the spaciousness of deep Divine love of the core center, you are BE-ing gifted with the opportunity to call back into your-self THE Divine ONE-ness. It begins simply with the loving re-cognition of the truth of your BE-ing. Consider stopping seeking knowledge for knowledge sake.

Do you seek knowledge for knowledge sake?
This is a question you do not need to answer. Simply ponder. As you arrive into the balanced perfection of the loving spaciousness of that which YOU…ARE… from there… ALL knowledge reveals it-self, and has already been revealed. Gift your-self the loving trust of your own Divinity. In the loving trust of your own Divinity, in the loving trust of your own presence, AL THAT IS, WILL arise into your life experience as the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.

Many say, how can that be? I do not have everything I want. We say: Be careful what you ask for and how you ask. Are you loving yourself enough to accept bliss?

Many reject bliss because of a perception that is disconnected into separateness. Separateness arises from the lack of core love. If you are…indeed…in core love, core essence a-lion-ment, deep self-understanding, re-cognition, and the absolute presence of BEing with the Divine at every moment…ALL flows effort-less-ly.
IT IS… a great gift… when YOU offer your-self effort-less flow.
IT IS… important to remember, YOU…ARE…HERE…to experience every-thing!

Knowledge and Darkness
Darkness appears in the seeking of knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Many unanswered questions invite gain for the purpose of the brain only. IT IS…important to understand.
In the wholeness of Divine love, darkness ceases to be. In Divine love darkness does not exist.

It is not that one is better than another. Indeed! Without light there cannot be dark. Without the dark, there cannot be light. YOU…ARE…HERE…on this glorious planet. YOU…ARE…HERE…at this time of coming into great culmination. Recognition of the Divine perfection of why you have come to this planet, this time, right now! A Great party, YES!

As YOU…ARE…HERE…and as YOU…ARE…enjoying the fun foods and having fun, re-member; darkness manifests from the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowledge because it is a variant of the mind energy.
How do you know if you are in your heart? How do you know if you are in your mind? How are you feeling? What are you feeling? What is manifesting around you?

IT IS… that simple! In the seeking of knowledge, it becomes difficult because ALL transmutes and ALL comes into variance.

Many seek the mystical experiences of the Siddhi’s for example. When they say, open up the veil, let me see a light, let me see a color, let me do this, let me do that. This is an experience of entertainment by the astral and for many this is good. For many it is important to recognize that wholeness comes through the re-lease of the desire and expectation for what you believe the Divine should offer you. Smile and live in the presence of the Divine every moment of every day, with every single thing that YOU call into action!

Living in Divine Connection
Are YOU in the presence of the Divine at all times? Or does the mind come in and say you must start seeking knowledge? What is important to YOU?

KNOW that ALL, ALL of these, are Divinely perfect! ALL of them. It is most imperative you offer your-selves the great gift of recognizing the Divine perfection of all paths. Give ourselves the opportunity to ask: “Where is my consciousness today? Who am I judging and why?”

Dearest children, we have offered that if you must believe in what you call sin, that only sin is to interfere in the path of another. Yet there is more to that. Not only is it a sin to interfere in the path of another,
it is to let another interfere in your own path. That is a sin you create against yourself, if you must use this word sin. (Audience murmurs).

Has one person stopped what you know is true? Have you let the energies of another being stop you from moving forward? Where is your heart?
If, indeed, you call that energy into your-self, love your-self for seeing what is incomplete! Love yourself for saying wonder-full, I now see where my heart needs to heal ever more! I now understand where expansion must come in! I now understand how all must be!

Navigating Rapid Planetary Escalations
Dearest children, the 5th dimensional energies have escalated 10-fold and you have felt it. Yes! Many have felt it as chaos. Many have felt it as Divine chaos. Many accidents, be it physical body accidents, car accidents, little things that seem like an accident. These accidents are designed to help you re-align back into the heart energy.

Many have polarized. Release judgment! What they are doing is perfect for them, as the fifth and seventh dimensional energies are coming together into one energy vacuum. You are preparing for a great implosion!

IT…IS…important to re-cognize that YOU…ARE…in a power-full time of implosion. Go deep into your heart center as YOU invite ALL the energies that YOU…ARE.
Pay attention to your life in creation! Pay attention to what is rising for you. Look at every experience you have ever had and when you do, smile. Smile! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You do not need to cross over to have a panoramic life review. You can do it right now. Why wait? Yes! Take time. Look at every BE-ing… Every ONE, YOU have spent time with, loved with, been challenged with, been with. They did their job well, yes?

Can you love them for doing their job so well? Can you free them from your consciousness of attachment that it could have been different, should have been different? Can you give yourself the gift of loving recognition that truly all is in Divine order?

And! After a personal panoramic life review, call forward a panoramic world review. Can YOU arrive at peace with what you see around you? Yes!
When YOU arrive at peace with ALL that is around you, then… YOU can hold consciousness for 100,000 others.

The Gift of Peace-full Self-Recognition
You want to make a difference? Come to peace with what is happening around you. Give yourself that gift. Do you wish to feed the explosion, or birth the heart implosion?
What is your choice?

Remember that ALL choices are perfect. In the re-cognition of the Divine perfection of ALL, YOU will see, feel and experience, the Divine perfection.

It is your choice and either choice is glorious! And, regardless of the decision, allow your-self to re-lease judgment of the choice you make. (Audience laughs)

Yes! It is important to recognize and acknowledge. Forgive your-self. You have played your part perfectly to bring YOU into greater awareness…now.

ALL of your actions and interactions, every expression of your being-ness, doing-ness and recognition, ALL…IS.. in Divine order of great humility, gratitude, love and Divine recognition.
Humility…Gratitude…Love…Divine Recognition. Four simple things to guide your life journey.

As the re-cognition of love arises, separateness cannot exist. In the re-cognition of Diving Loving Source, you Know that each of YOU…IS the other. Gaze at each other. Yes! Give your-self the gift of seeing YOU in every ONE. See your glorious Divine BE-ing-ness and begin with your-self.

Open the Divine portal of self-truth. Be true to your own re-cognition. As you gaze into the eyes of the beloved YOU, can you say with presence: “I love you”? Is energy emanating from the truth of Divine recognition? KNOW how loved and supported YOU…ARE. IT…IS…indeed…your time. Together this moment, every moment, and all moments as creation expands. And so, the Benevolent Ones: patient, beauty-full and precious, they arrive with the 12 Crystalline Dragons.

These 12 crystalline dragons represent the 12 primary energies that are present on your planet now. Each spiraling into a new state of evolution. Open your heart, open your eyes, open your great Divine flow through your divine breathing.

The Benevolent ONEs Share through Master Lady Kira Raa:
Hello! Dearest, precious, wondrous perfected BEings of Divine sacred energy. In the presence of your Divine sacredness, we step forward and offer you the depth of re-cognition that your heart has all-ready opened to receive the transmuted energies that have come forward on your planet… and many others.

Claiming Divine Unification
Can you relax and re-cognize that YOU…ARE…ONE with more than just those of this world? Is your heart available to enter into Divine reunion with All-ness? In the ALL-ness, in the BE-ing-ness, in the truth of your Divine light, ALL presence, ALL knowing, ALL BE-ing is all-ready unified, as YOU…ARE… unified.

Today we share the energy of the great Unifiers. Our brethren that have accompanied us to offer YOU the vehicle to claim unification. How do YOU wish to unify?
For the love of your enemy, can you mend the fence? For the love of this planet, can you love again?
For the love of your own expression as a body, can you again love the body? Can you re-cognize that YOU…ARE… the Divine Union? Whole, unified within.

As you receive Divine unity, complete wholeness emerges. Trust your knowing of life. Expand your gift of being. We share many new alignments and energies.
As you relax and stretch out of this body, inviting your divine energy to express, you will discover abundant flows of new understanding and ways of being, every-thing a-lions as you a-lion.

All-ways know you are the great Unifiers. If it feels as if you are not unifying, or you feel you are in separation or running from unification, ask yourself, why do I run from myself?

Indeed! It ALL rests with YOU. You are only running from YOU. And KNOW that YOU cannot fall.

Be joyously re-cognizing that YOU…ARE…indeed, ready. IT…IS…time.

Trust your Divine service as YOU … ARE… Divine service. You are the Divine service, and we love you. Be the Unifier. Inquire within for ALL interactions, Am I a Unifier holding the energy of Unity?

In the energy of Unity there is neither judgment, right or wrong.
There is the unification, and the Divine perfection. We love you. Many blessings.

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