Polarity and Consciousness

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Polarity and Consciousness:  

By Sri & Kira 

The signs are everywhere, or so many would want you to believe.  Just turn on your TV, (if you are really called to do so), tune into talk radio, pay attention to the heated conversations loudly shared at public places and sooner or later you’ll hear something like one of the following:

“The signs of the end times are here!”  “Jesus, (or Allah, or whomever), is coming soon… are you ready?”  “World War three has already begun and nothing matters anyway!”

While these statements are generic composites, chances are you have already heard or will hear some other closely related declaration.  These statements are usually shared with a surreal sense of glee by the deliverer, and leave many pondering fear-filled thoughts and emotional puzzles to work through.

It was not so many years ago that these conversations focused around the millennium and our need to store water, hoard food and prepare for the end of the world.  Remember when we were all going to wake up on January 1, 2000 and discover that something magically “went wrong” around midnight.  There were groups that went into mountain caves, survivalists who stocked up on ammo, and the holdouts who were ready for anything. 

This cycle then repeated itself in 2012. This was a shorter, yet more intense concentration of focus from the third dimension that was using “science” to “prove” that the world was ending.  

We were blessed to be LIVING WITH the MAYA in Guatemala during this time.  We would sit for hours in ceremony and they would share stories with us and ask us to let their truth be known;  that the world was NOT ending in 2012.  And we shared their story in the book, 2013: Mayan Sunrise, Published by Berkley Press.  

Yet, the voice of the “truth” as given DIRECTLY by the Mayan Elders who were the keepers of the Book of Days, was NOT heard.  His voice was not in English.  He was not polished and media friendly.  He was AUTHENTIC. He was filled with the sincerity, love and presence one who pray for in any elder of any tradition.

Having navigated BOTH the millennia furor and the 2012 ILLUSION that was spread solely for money, fame, and/or to fan the flames of fear, it calls us into this moment.  While this cycle may sound familiar, there is a marked difference that is now before us all.  

And! It is this difference that has brought us to the collective co-creative moment that is undisputedly upon us.

What is this difference?  

It is the marked increase in polarity and fear combined with the levels of consciousness that have now anchored onto Gaia that have called forward the greater awakening.  

This awareness has been rising steadily throughout the ages and has arrived whether we feel ready or not.  Humanity has left many markers along the way. It is now our collective responsibility to remember the essence of these markers instead of allowing a powerful & highly persuasive mainstream media to be our interpreter.

ALL of these energies are the Shift of the Ages: The co-creation of consciousness plus polarity that forces us to gaze into our deeper knowing. An energy that propels us beyond the illusion that so desperately wants to keep us distracted with force and doubting of our very being.

We are all familiar with 24 hour news and devoted teams of “reporters” doing their best to persuade you of their point of view.  Now take a moment, bring a hand to your heart and breathe. Our intent is not to offer you any form of judgment or opinion about the 24 hour news experience. 

We are sharing our DIRECT first-hand experience of the power of polarity and the importance of holding a level of consciousness that can gaze at the polarity with the recognition of a Divine plan unfolding.

A few years ago we appeared as keynote speakers at a world conference in Washington DC that gathered attendees of expanded consciousness from 22 countries.  This was truly a beautiful gathering of people who could set aside all political, racial, and national interests for the benefit of co-creating a positive vision for humanity.

This event has been held annually for 23 years and each year the location is determined based upon the founders assessment of the prior years global activities and where the most positive influence could be offered on a planetary basis.  How perfect that Washington, DC, USA was chosen!

As the week long conference unfolded the energy of true community emerged amongst the hundreds of attendees and presenters.  It was decided that the entire conference would go forth to every corner of DC and invite the power of co-creation to work through them.

Leaving our hotel early in the morning we were personally called to visit the Lincoln memorial.  We cannot share with you exactly why, it just felt that there was something there for us to re-discover.  It was a very hot, humid summer day as we arrived at the Mall area of the Smithsonian. 

Experiencing fatigue and extreme heat, we climbed up into the area that houses the immense statue of Lincoln.  Arriving in the main chamber, there is a felt sense of “all that was ever right” with democracy is encapsulated here.

Immediately we were greeted by a beautiful Nigerian couple that were also attending the conference. Our mutual love and appreciation for each other combined with the beauty of the four of us together, filled us all with great joy.

We then went to the left far wall of the memorial and read the larger than life inscription of the Gettysburg address.  The words were potent and ominous.  They were so profoundly filled with truth that we wondered if we had ever really read or understood them before.  

As you turn from the Gettysburg wall and stare across the monument you discover another larger than life inscription.  This was of Lincoln’s SECOND inaugural address. This one took our breath away and we literally sank our backs into the large marble columns as we read each paragraph with new perspectives and heightened awareness.

This was a profoundly expanding moment: a rarified insight where you can feel the energy of Lincoln speaking loudly to the polarity of today through the events of the past.  It was truly beyond words and left us in a tender place as we decided to walk down the steps and begin our voyage back to the Smithsonian.

As the universe would so beautifully arrange, walking down the steps of the Lincoln memorial we noticed a fairly large camera crew and reporters gathered at the bottom.  Filled with divine inspiration and still feeling tender from our experience, we tried to avoid the crowd.

At the bottom of the steps we found ourselves “spotted” by the lead reporter who ran after us in her high heels!  Sensing that we needed to chat with her we turned around and engaged in conversation.

To our surprise the conversation centered around the polarity that is being demonstrated on our planet.  She was engaging, articulate and seeking answers.  She wanted to know how we viewed this energy.

We agreed to be filmed and shared openly from our hearts.  Kira invited everyone watching to put their hands on their heart and here is part of what she shared with the reporter and film crew:

“This is America, and in America everyone has the right to free speech.  It does not matter whether you agree with them or not, it is their right.  However, it saddens me that the right to free speech is being used to encourage so many to be so angry.”

We spent 10+ minutes with the film crew and shared extensively about the polarity and consciousness connection of these times.  The reporter and the film crew were all delighted with our conversation and mentioned that Sri’s comments were: “The most intelligent thing anyone has said all day.”

We do not own a TV, and were not attached as to whether or not our comments would be broadcast.  The moment with the TV crew was perhaps the moment that was called for:  An opportunity to offer them a perspective that was different from their everyday experience.

And then, we received the gift of polarity and distortion in action!

That evening on the 7:00 news, this became the second lead story. Imagine our surprise when they portrayed Kira Raa as an “angry opposed” citizen and took a soundbite out of context after a build up about her opinion. From the entire segment they aired: “It saddens me that the right to free speech is being used to encourage so many to be so angry.”

Living as international citizens for 10 years, what we have witnessed everywhere, is that if you are able to join with people at their heart, and let go of the need to judge, categorize, and label them, the TRUTH emerges.

The Truth of what is happening in the third dimensional “reality” is what you are willing to believe. The facts are presented from the “winning side” as there is the belief of winners and losers.   Polarity is King and Queen in the third dimension and it is thriving.

This is simply a natural outcome of the density experience of Allness.

To fully “align” with the “science”,  it becomes “obvious” that energy is, in fact, neutral.  Polarity is the natural experience of energy that is infinitely expanding.  ALLNESS is literally that…ALL:  Without exception!  Where there is love there will be hate and where there is doubt there will be hope.

However, this polarity only exists within the experience of Density!

Just as we have evolved from the horse and buggy to the electric car and beyond, THIS IS THE MOMENT that we have co-created to REMEMBER and expand beyond the “polarity trap” of density.

We are the power-filled co-creators we dream of.  It is merely the ILLUSION of the world of density that seeks to keep you trapped.  It is a trap that is well executed for it demands your free will to sustain it!

In the world of polarity, we become our greatest enemy and continually replay the tapes and mind chatter that keep us in density.  We repeatedly hear them.  We repeatedly ask them to stop. Yet they do not stop and seem to cycle.  Why?

Because we are asking them to stop from the level of consciousness from which they were created! 

YET! The Allness, at that very moment, leads us to the awareness that empowers us to STOP the cycle and embrace ONENESS!  True Oneness is the EMBRACE of ALLNESS.  It is the BALANCING energy to the Separation which is fueling the Allness.  

For Allness to BE, separation must exist.

As we EMBRACE our Divine Mastery Presence with self-love through the Allness, we call forward the Oneness of our Divine nature.  This is the Yoga of Self-Ascension! Through this Awareness, we begin to LIVE the experience as the Art of Ascended Living.  Evolving our consciousness and broadening our vision, we discover that the Choice of where we go next is ours to make!  

We have ARRIVED at the moment that goes beyond the density realm of victims. 

The remaining question is:  

Are you ready to thrive in the expanded consciousness of your Mastery presence?

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