Colds….Flu….Bronchitis….Oh My! A Medical Intuitives Perspective By Geri Habstritt

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As the energy of that powerful eclipse completes its natural cleansing process many are experiencing this as cold, flu, bronchitis, etc. What many call an illness, as a medical intuitive, I call a cleanse. Anytime a highly energetic event happens such as an eclipse or full moon, that which we are FULL of that doesn’t serve our highest expression is up for release. If your heart is yearning and trying to get your attention saying “dear one, your joy is over here” and your mind is saying “but, I can make more money at……”or fill in the blank with comfortable, acceptable excuses, there is a conflict between the head and the heart. The heart carries the wisdom of the soul and truly is your compass if you allow it. The mind carries the ego, the unhealed inner child and the voice of reason that limits your truth. A conflict between the two will reveal itself as an energetic congestion. Anything that doesn’t flow with grace and ease in the body is reflected as congestion. This may manifest in what you might call a cold, virus or sinus infection.

Are you experiencing flu symptoms? Vomiting or expelling fluids from the body is a quick and powerful way for the body to release that which doesn’t serve. When your temperature rises and you are experiencing sweating and shivering, the body is literally burning up energy that doesn’t serve. Call it a transmutative fire. You will know because once you are feeling better you will feel a sense of newness or lightness that wasn’t there previously.

How about bronchitis or strep throat? These are both conditions of the throat. The throat or truth chakra is not only about speaking your truth but living your truth. A question to ask yourself is, am I living in complete harmony with what I know is true for me? Am I living my passion or am I just talking about it? If not, your throat chakra will need to express this imbalance.

Take note of your emotions during these times. They are your clue. A way to get in touch with the body is to place your hand on your heart or the area that is uncomfortable and ask. The body will answer but you will need to listen and trust the response. Journaling is another lovely way to uncover unconscious feelings and pin point the cause of congestions

Geri Habstritt is an Avesa Quantum Healer, Medical Intuitive & Self Ascension Intuitive Counselor in Meridian, ID. She can be heard weekly on and reached at 208-841-8573.Visit www.

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